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All concert data may change without warning!  Always verify your local venue information for actual seating availability!  All shows begin at 7:30 PM local time. 

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Attention Eurovision Contest fans!!!  TATU is scheduled to represent Russia at the Eurovision concert to be held on May 24, 2003 in Riga, Latvia.  Yulia and Elena are scheduled to sing "Ne Ver, Ne Bojsia" which means "Do Not Be Afraid, Do Not Despair".  Look below the tour grid for complete ticket information!  

Euro Concert Schedule 6 dates scheduled - (As of April 24, 2003 only 45% of the tickets have been sold)

                      DAY                                                  DATE                                           LOCATION                                         VENUE

Friday May 2, 2003 - Cancelled London, UK Wembley Arena
Sunday May 4, 2003 - Cancelled Manchester, UK Manchester Evening News Arena
Tuesday May 27, 2003 Saarbrucken, GER Saarlandhalle
Saturday May 31, 2003 Bonn, GER Kunst & Ausstellungshall
Sunday June 1, 2003 Munich, GER Zenith
Monday June 2, 2003 Berlin, GER Arena

Tickets are still available to the rehearsal concerts at the Eurovision Song Contest - at 9:00 PM on May 23 and at 2:00 PM on May 24. 

Tickets are available at the box office of the Congress Hall, at the "Centrs" and "Alfa" departments stores and at the Latvia Tours travel agency.   Tickets cost Ls 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25.  Reservations are available through   The concert for the audience at the Skonto hall - in English.

* The rules during ESC 2003

The final concert of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 will take place at 10:00 PM on May 24 at the SKONTO Olympic Hall in Riga.  By January 29, people in Latvia and in other countries bought up nearly all of the reserved tickets.  Several hundred of these tickets remain unsold, however, and these can now be bought at all of the locations where tickets are sold.  The price - Ls 70.  For those people who will become interested in the Eurovision Song Contest only in March, April or even May - the organizers of the concert would like to say that they should simply monitor information about ticket sales at all sales locations.  A few tickets may be sold in the future - those which, according to the rules of the European Broadcasting Union, are currently being reserved for members of the delegations from participating countries.

"The SKONTO Olympic Hall has 6,095 seats, and 4,399 tickets are being sold to each of the three concerts - the final concert and two dress rehearsals.  The number of seats was determined because of the placement of the stage and the television cameras," explains the producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 concerts, Brigita Rozenbrika.  "The number of reserved seats relates to the rules of the main organizer of this event - the EBU.  Tickets must be reserved for international broadcasting organisations and for the countries that are taking part."

Tickets are available at the building of Latvian Television at Zakusalas krastmala 3, at the Centrs department store, at all trade center "Alfa" retailing centers, at the Latvia Tours travel agency and at the box office of the Hall of Congresses.  The tickets for the concert in Riga are two times less expensive than were tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest in Tallinn last year.  Tickets include detailed information about rules which audience members must keep in mind.  Please pay particular attention to the fact that entrance into the concert hall will be suspended one hour before the concert starts.

"Of course, we are making sure that audience members will not be bored - there will be a special concert programme in advance of the concert.  This means that visitors to the SKONTO Hall will actually enjoy a concert which lasts for more than four-and-a-half hours," says Rozenbrika.  Ticket purchases and reservations are possible by ringing 720-0822 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  Tickets can also be reserved on the Internet homepage, or by E-mailing  Confirmation of reservations can be sent by fax or E-mail.


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