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Lena Katina Quits TATU to go solo
[Australia  -  12 January 2004], World Entertainment News Network 
Tatu star Lena Katina will quit the controversial pop band this winter to go solo - but she hasn't told band mate Yulia Volkova yet.  Katina, 20 - who admits the pair staged their infamous lesbian antics - is now bored of the group, who have dipped out of the headlines recently after originally hitting the music scene in a blaze of publicity in 2002.  She explains, "We are very tired of each other and it's not fun playing lesbians anymore.  I believe it will be a shock to my friends and family and to Yulia.  I can't wait to get out of the schoolgirl outfit, jeans and T-shirt that were Tatu's trademark."   (wenn)

"tatu" showed the Japanese "simple motions"

Source:, Russia   December 3, 2003  13:18 GMT

Translated from Russian to English by an Automated Translation program which yields some grammatical errors.

Participants in the scandalously known group "Tatu" to their first large concert in Japan approached very critically.  Girls much rehearsed and allowed themselves to rest only before very beginning appearance.  During the concert Yulia and Lena they associated in the hall, screaming out words in the Japanese language, and fulfilling song "simple motions", Yulia unbuttoned her overalls and pushed her hand into her pants.  On the enormous screens at this time of demonstration clip "simple motions" without the notes.  Every time that flickered breast of Yulia on the screen, Japanese worshippers enthusiastically shouted.  Yulia and Lena sometimes they approached more closely the edge of scene, and fans began to scream out the names of "Tatu" they pulled to them hands with the cameras, writes the newspaper "life".

Father of Yulia Volkov watched the entire proceeding and commented on the scene.  He related quietly.  "The work the same and as such, it needs to entertain the public, and it is necessary to outperform themselves each time by something extra.  It then becomes better by beauty", said Oleg Viktorovich.

Many worshippers To "Tatu" to the concert arrived in the short cellulose skirts, and the jackets with the necktie, but Yulia and Lena they appeared entirely otherwise: specially for the show they ordered overalls, white tops and boots.

Concert in Tokyo Dome lasted only one-and-a-half hour instead of planned two and one-half hours.  It was necessary to shorten the time of the appearance because of the poor health of Yulia: The illness fell ill on the eve of the concert her fever rose during it.  Show was immense: "Robbi Williams rests", said Japanese organizers.

Poor Sales In Tokyo May Force Cancellation of Concerts

Friday, November 7, 2003

Original News Source:  Fuji Evening News

Translation Credit: Tatysite Forum


Yet More Trouble for NTV - Tatu Concert to be Poorly Attended?

NTV, which has been rocked by a scandal in which a producer rigged viewing figures, is apparently
arising over a new problem.  The cause of this headache is the chaotic Russian duo Tatu.  Tickets for their concerts on 1st & 2nd December in Tokyo Dome are not selling at all and it looks like NTV, one of the sponsors, will have to pick up the tab.

According to a music industry insider, "There's a rumour that they've only sold about 30,000 tickets for the two days. 
Given that they'd anticipated it would be attended by 90,000, and that they need at least 70,000 in order to break even ... it's a terrible situation."

Some sources say that Tatu's fee for the concert will be 300 million
This is an unprecedented amount for a Western artist, let alone a newcomer, and given the group's typical fan-base, the ticket price (Y7,500), in which this fee is reflected, was not cheap.

Their debut album was a smash hit in early spring, but according to one Western music specialist "This is an age in which CD sales do not translate into concert attendance. 
I also can't help feeling that the timing of their concert is rather late.  If only they'd done it in August or September..."

Amid this situation, some of those involved with the event are saying "It seems that NTV, one of the sponsors, has signed a contract under which they'd bear almost half of the costs if the concert went into the red. 
Given the current situation, they may well need to prepare themselves to cover a deficit of tens of millions of yen."

Tatu recently made an exceptionally unusual visit to Japan to do publicity for the concerts, but some say that, "Actually, the best thing to do would be to cancel the event, as the resultant losses from this would be lower."

Tatu were the focus of scathing criticism from the president of NTV, after their walkout from the TV Asahi Music Station program during their first visit to Japan, back in June. 
Is his own company now going to be a victim of Tatu?!  Depending on how ticket sales go from now on, it looks as though there will be fears about who will bear the losses and the responsibility following the concert.

According to Nichya (an Elena Kiper Site) .... 

             .... Tatu's New Album Never Existed, Postponed Inevitably

According to an entry at Nichya's site (a group formed by Elena Kiper - remember her?), Tatu and their management have again been misleading everyone, in regards to the information surrounding Tatu's new album.  Why I'm even bothering to post this, I don't know.  

Nichya - October 29, 2003

Private sources have indicated this startling information concerning group t.A.T.u. 
Apparently, despite claims made on various websites concerning the group, t.A.T.u. have yet to start the recording of their follow-up album.  The scheduled release of April 2004 has been postponed inevitably, but then why does the management make such claims?  It appears that Shapovalov has kept Yulia and Lena away from representatives at Universal as best he could in efforts to do all the talk and negotiations by himself. Obviously, this would cause the girls to become nervous about the severe time-lapse in between recording sessions (Ne Ver' Ne Boisia Ne Prosi was the last thing the girls recorded, and it has been a long time since any official album recordings have been made by the girls.)  The girls have since asked Universal to assist in helping them clear things up.  It appears that Ivan has stole all the money invested for the recording of the girls' next album for himself!  Could Shapovalov be taking the money to help the funding for his newest project, Katja Nechaeva?  All t.A.T.u. can do now is wait and see what Universal will decide to do.

So what does all this business about t.A.T.u. have to do with Nichya?  Well, Elena Kiper used to be the co-producer of the group and split because of her differences with
Shapovalov.  It seems that Elena has been the true backbone of t.A.T.u. all along and without her the group is deteriorating at the hands of Shapovalov.  If Universal does not help t.A.T.u., then they could be in danger of not making another album.

Elena Returns Home From Tokyo Alone
Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Source: (Sports Nippon), Loosely translated by Addicted to Tatu
You return home alone

Elena returned home alone

The Russian disturbing woman duo Tatu were scheduled to return home on the 29th.  However, Tatu's producer Ivan Shapavolov (37) and Yulia Volkova (18) suddenly cancelled their return flight home.  Elena Katina (19) boarded the Aeroflot flight alone at 1:00 PM from Narita Airport.

Elena, surrounded by staff at Narita Airport, stated (with a wry smile) "Yulia has completely fallen in love with Tokyo".   At 7:00 PM, Ivan checked out of the hotel and told the press corps "I have insufficient sleep because of the time difference.  As for Yulia, she woke up at 1:00 PM and I slept until 6:00 PM.  We'll return home on the 30th".  He proceeded to move to another hotel.  As for Elena, she returned to Moscow alone to see her sweetheart.  The truth of the matter, is that they cancelled the flight because they didn't get up in time.  There's always a problem with these two.

Editors note:  It was not possible to include the original news story, in Japanese.  Therefore the link to the original story is being supplied.  Sports Nippon



Tatu Site Closings - (as of Monday, October 20) - The Court date was scheduled for October 17, 2003.

I never have the time to visit other sites, but tonight I decided to check on other sites to see what they are currently reporting.  I was alarmed and surprised when I found that these sites are now closed!!!!  I'm sure there are more that I'm not even aware of, but these 2 major links are known to us.

Tatu's main site in Russia:

Tatu's Official Portal in Mexico:


Tatu Gives Their EMA Votes To Leningrad, W.M.A. Excuse
Monday, October 20, 2003  12:31 PM (Russia Time)
Source: DNI.ruLoosely translated by Addicted to Tatu

Group Tatu, which has been nominated for "Best Russian Act" at the MTV Europe Music wards along with four other Russian groups, passed on the votes that they obtained in the course of audience voting, in favor of group "Leningrad".  We now know the reasons why Yulia and Elena refused to perform at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo.

Tatu explained that they turned down the votes obtained in the course of MTV audience voting, due to the desire to make it possible for others to show themselves on a world scale at the ceremony in Edinburgh on November 6th.

The group already three times was advanced to reward EMA in the nomination "Best Russian Acts", true, not to its time it took.  Tatu previously congratulated Sergey Chord on victory, confident, which with their voices in "Leningrad" not there will be competitors, Pr. manager of group reports.

As far as Tatu's refusal to perform at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo is concerned, it turned out that the girls offended the organizers of the show.  On the eve of the ceremony, the producer of the group Ivan Shapovalov, thought of an original idea. "Do not believe during the performance of song, not battle, do not request", girls with the automata, charged by blank cartridges, had to leave into the hall and propose to those being present to endow their money and treasures in favor of Iraqi orphans.  "Return themselves voluntarily, but not that we simply will take away!" - would be such Tatu's speech.   A similar "robbery of the century" for sure would make it necessary to tell about (neordinarnosti) Tatu in entire peace.

Shapovalov discussed the details of the show with the organizers previously and obtained an agreement to conduct the planned action, writes the newspaper "Life".  But when Tatu arrived in Monaco, the organizers of the ceremony stated that the outlined show could not take place.

Meanwhile MTV Russia refutes Tatu's statement that their votes will be returned to "Leningrad".  This contradicts regulations of the MTV Europe Music Awards.

"Тату" дарит голоса "Ленинграду"
20.10.2003, 12:31

Группа "Тату", выдвинутая вместе с еще четырьмя русскими коллективами на получение награды MTV Europe Music Awards в номинации "Best Russian Act", отказалась от всех набранных голосов, полученных в ходе зрительского голосования, в пользу группы "Ленинград". Также стали известны причины, по которым Юля и Лена отказались выступать на церемонии World Music Awards в Монте-Карло.

Группа "Тату" объяснила свое решение отказаться от всех голосов, полученных в ходе голосования зрителей MTV, желанием дать возможность другим показать себя в мировом масштабе на церемонии в Эдинбурге 6 ноября.

Группа уже три раза выдвигалась на награду EMA в номинации "Best Russian Act", правда, ни разу ее не взяла. "Татушки" заранее поздравляют Сергея Шнурова с победой, уверенные, что с их голосами у "Ленинграда" не будет конкурентов, сообщает PR-менеджер группы.

Что касается отказа "Тату" выступать на церемонии World Music Awards в Монте-Карло, то оказалось, что девушки обиделись на организаторов шоу. Накануне церемонии у продюсера группы Ивана Шаповалова возникла оригинальная идея. Во время исполнения песни "Не верь, не бойся, не проси", девушки с автоматами, заряженными холостыми патронами, должны были выйти в зал и предложить присутствующим пожертвовать свои деньги и драгоценности в пользу иракских сирот. "Отдайте сами добровольно, а не то мы просто отнимем!" такова была бы речь "татушек". Подобное "ограбление века" наверняка заставило бы говорить о неординарности "Тату" во всем мире.

Все детали Шаповалов обговорил с организаторами заранее и получил согласие на проведение задуманной акции, пишет газета "Жизнь". Но когда "Тату" уже прибыли в Монако, организаторы церемонии объявили, что намеченное шоу не состоится.

Между тем, MTV Россия опровергает заявление "Тату" о том, что полученные группой голоса будут отданы "Ленинграду". Это противоречит регламенту MTV Europe Music Awards.

Editor's Note:  Just another in a long line of reasons not to perform.

Tatu Missing
Sunday, October 19, 2003 10:46 AM GMT
Russian pop duo TATU have disappeared - and their record company has no idea where they might be.

POLYDOR are reportedly ready to drop the ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID group, who gained notoriety with their controversial lesbian stage show.

An insider says, "They've fallen out and Tatu no longer exists as a group."

"Both of them have disappeared off the radar somewhere in Russia and it's impossible to track them down.

"The only firm contact is their former manager, IVAN SHAPOVALOV, who is less than helpful."

And a Polydor spokesman says, "We have nothing scheduled for them in the future."


Tatu Picks Up 3 At World Music Awards
Monday, October 13, 2003  12:00 PM ET  (1 hour, 14 minutes ago)
Source:, Barry A. Jeckell
NEW YORK (Billboard) - Rapper 50 Cent took home all five trophies for which he was nominated at the World Music Awards, held Sunday in Monaco.  Russian teen duo t.A.T.u. picked up three awards, while Norah Jones and Eminem won two.
50 Cent won best artist, best male artist, R&B artist, rap/hip-hop artist and new artist. t.A.T.u. was honored as the best pop group, duo and dance group.
The World Music Awards are based solely on sales through national member associations of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, while figures for Italy and Spain come from the magazines Musica & Dischi and Showpress.  The 15th annual ceremony was held at the Sporting Club in the Monaco.
George Benson and Chaka Khan were given the Legend Award at the show, which was hosted by actor Rupert Everett and tennis player Anna Kournikova.  The event's patron, Prince Albert of Monaco, presented Mariah Carey with the Diamond Award, in recognition of worldwide album sales in excess of 100 million units.


Source:  Addicted To TATU

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