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Absolute Process Instruments
Manufacturer of plug-in industrial signal conditioners to convert industrial analog signals to the signal or alarm type needed.

Provides industrial I/O solutions for measurement and control applications. Signal conditioning, PC data acquisition, VME boards, 'LonWorks,' and IP modules for analog and digital I/O. Instrumentation products include transmitters, isolators, and alarms.

Acuity Research Laser Sensors
Develop and manufacture laser distance sensors and laser measurement systems for industrial and OEM use.

Advanced Custom Sensors, Inc.
Manufactures force and pressure sensors, digital pressure switches, and digital pressure gauges.

Almeg Controls
Manufacturing controls and probes for level, flow, pressure and temperature.

Althen GmbH
German manufacturer of sensors for pressure, force, weight, torque, distance, position, acceleration, inclination and levelling. Product catalogue, tech notes and newsletter.

American Aerospace Controls, Inc.
Manufacturer and provider of AC and DC current, voltage, power and frequency transducers for industrial, laboratory, rail transit, defense and space applications.

Ameritrol Inc.
Manufactures flow, level and temperature switches for the process control industry.

A Global manufacture of electric motors and electronic instruments.

Analytical Technologies, LLC
Specialist process film thickness measurement and control. Applicable for optically transparent thin films to opaque dielectric films. Integrated measurement solutions.

Anderson Instrument Co.
Manufacturers a complete line of instruments for measurement of pressure, temperature, and level. These products include: gauges,pressure and level transmitters, liquid level monitors, danitary RTDs, digital indicating thermometers and recording controllers.

Anly Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of timer, counter, controller, floatless relay, relay, solid state relay and digital temperature controller.

Aquasant Messtechnik Ltd
Manufacturers automatic interfacial layer control, level, product monitoring, concentration, turbidity, for liquids, powders or foams.

Aquilar Ltd
Leak detection solutions for liquids and gases, including flood prevention, for water, oil, fuel, chemicals and detection of toxic, explosive gases and refrigerant gas.

Arjay Engineering Ltd.
Industrial and environmental controls: level, flow, suspended solids, turbidity, oil in water, gas detection, spill alarms, claritek, hydrosense..

Manufacturer of gas and vapour detectors, humidity and temperature measurement equipment, and control systems. Site in English and Czech.

Produces leak and flow detectors with local calibration, service and support.

Automatic Timing and Controls
Manufacturer of industrial instrumentation products including timing and control, panel meters, printers, calibrators, tachometers, phase monitors, and motor protection devices.

Automation Sensors Measurement GmbH
Manufacturing of sensors and measuring instruments including thermometers and recorderscopes.

Distributor of pressure switches, pressure transducers, vacuum switches, level switches, flow switches, flow meters, flow indicators and temperature switches for processing industries.

Balluff Inc.
Manufacturer transducers, precision switches, and industrial sensors for the metalworking, automotive and plastics industries.

Banner Engineering
Produces photoelectric switches, ultrasonic sensors, and safety light curtains.

B&C Electronics
Manufacture of liquid analyzers - pH, ORP, EC, chlorine, oxygen and ozone.

Manufactures components for automation and control including TwinCAT NT-realtime system, bus terminal, industrial PC, Beckhoff-Lightbus. New automation technologies.

Bristol Babcock
Manufacturer of programmable controllers, process control systems, SCADA systems, correctors, gauges, pneumatic controllers and regulators, pressure switches, recorders , electronic recording ammeters and voltmeters, transmitters for pressure, flow and level.

Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V.
Production and sales of high quality massflow and pressure meters/controllers for gas and liquid fluids.

Cambridge Sensotec Limited
Manufacturers of oxygen gas sensors and portable gas analysers for a wide range of environmental gas monitoring.

Canongate Technology
Manufacturer of process instruments and analysers, process automation and control and SCADA and graphics packages to the food, beverage, chemical and general process industries.

Cecomp Electronics
Manufacture digital pressure gauges, digital vacuum gauges, digital pressure switches and indicating 4-20mA transmitters.

Cerlic Controls AB
Develops, manufactures and markets instruments for on-line measurement and monitoring of process parameters. Target business areas are primarily wastewater treatment plants, pulp and paper mills and other process industries.

Chang Shuan Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of power transducers, process indicators and controllers, industrial signal conditioners.

Chell Instruments Limited
Manufactures, services and supplies products for pressure, vacuum, gas flow measurement and control.

A Bulgarian manufacturer of industrial control instrumentation including sensors, transmitters, controllers, panel meters and control equipment for temperature, level and humidity.

Consense Corporation
Manufacturer of passive surface water vapor condensation sensor and detector.

Control and Process Instrumentation Contractors (CaPIC), Inc
Electrical and mechanical installation, calibration, and startup of industrial instrumentation systems. List of services and reference customers. Pennsylvania, USA.

The Control Signal Converter
Produces a signal converter for instrumentation.

Cosa Instrument
Supplies industrial instrumentation equipment, including dewpoint hygrometers, trace moisture analyzers, relative humidity meters, titrators, and elemental analyzers. Facilities in New Jersey and Texas. Product list with brochures and specifications.

Custom Control Sensors
Pressure, temperature and flow switches for the industrial and aerospace industries worldwide.

della D. Marchiori SRL
Manufacture of pressure indicators, pressure controllers, tachometers and temperature test equipment.

Delta Controls Limited
Instrumentation, process control, pressure switch, temperature switch, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, fibre optics, flow, switches, transmitters. A Concentric company.

Delta M Corporation
Designs, fabricates, and supplies a range of sensors and electronic instrumentation for applications in level, flow, temperature, heat flux and leak test monitoring.

Develops and sells instruments for gas phase concentration measurement, mainly for oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and humidity, and for hydrogen and oxygen dissolved gas analyzers. Switzerland.

DP Measurement
Manufacturers of manometers, balometers, anemometers and other instruments. Also repair and calibrate.

DP Systems
Manufacturers instrument protection enclosures in glass re-inforced polyester.

Dr. Siebert & Kühn GmbH & Co KG
Manufacturer of measuring devices, controllers and monitoring instruments for the field of flow, level, pressure and temperature.

Dresser Instruments
Manufactures pressure gauges and temperature measuring instruments; transducers and transmitters; control instruments; bimetal thermometers; test equipment; calibrators and instrument isolators.

Druck Incorporated
Manufacture products ranging from pressure transducers and transmitters to high performance pitot static air data instruments.

DS Europe
Manufactures load cells, pressure transducers, displacement transducers, servoinclinometers and liquid level transducers.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
Produces a broad range of measuring and control instruments for pressure, flow, temperature, level and valve applications.

E. H. Wright Co.
Developed the pugmaster moisture control system to control the exit moisture content of pugged or mixed material. Sales and service of industrial instrumentation.

ECD, Inc.
Manufacturer of process control equipment and software. Data logging instrumentation for laboratory, industrial applications. PCB manufacturing equipment.

Manufactures moisture and humidity systems. Dew point, moisture, humidity meters and hygrometers that measure and monitor dew point, moisture, humidity in air and other gases.

Complete range of signal conditioners suitable to most industrial sensors, instrumentation devices dedicated to testing benches for diesel and gasoline engines and injection pumps.

Electro Mechanical Installations Ltd
Manufactures flow, level, and temperature instrumentation as well as thermowells, orifice carriers, balance rings, restriction orifice plates and venturi tubes.

Electronic Process Control Instruments
Manufactures process control equipment for indication, data-monitoring and control of parameters like temperature, time, item count, RPM, humidity, pH, conductivity and ORP.

Emerson Electric Co
Offers a line of process-automation products, services, and solutions. Products include valves, regulators, measurement and anaylitical instruments.

Manufacture of devices for measurement, indication and control of flow, level, pressure and temperature. From Czech Republic.

Supplies dynamic instrumentation for vibration, shock, inertial motion, dynamic pressure measurements.

Entran Devices, Inc.
Manufactures pressure sensors, transducers, load cells, accelerometers, force sensors and strain gages from stock. Specialist in micro-miniaturization and applications of semiconductor, thin film, metallic foil and hybrid circuit technologies for the measurement of acceleration, force, and pressure in a multitude of environments.

Europascal GmbH
Manufacturers of pressure, temperature and flow measurement equipment.

Eurotherm plc
Manufactures products used in industrial and process automation.

Exloc Corporation
Manufacture instrumentation for explosion proof locations. Products include indicators, audible alarms, flashers, totalizers, batchers, annunciators, IS relays, and solenoid valves.

Fantini Cosmi
Italian manufacturer of level controls, pressure switches, HVAC thermostats, solenoid valves, flow switches, gas detector and gas valves. Product descriptions and prices. Site in Italian and English.

Fargo Controls, Inc.
Provides effective and reliable solutions for applications involving proximity sensors, counters, timers, ratemeters and other industrial controls.

Filmetrics Thin Film Thickness Measurement Systems
Manufactures thin film thickness and optical constants measurement systems using non-contact optical technology for the semiconductor, optical, and coating industries.

FlowKinetics LLC
Manufacture a range of micro-processor based instruments for pressure, temperature, relative humidity and velocity measurement.

Manufactures probes and sensors to measure moisture content in powdered and granulated materials. From France.

The Foxboro Company
Offers a broad range of intelligent and conventional instrumentation used to measure, indicate, record and control process variables such as flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level, ph, and product composition.

Manufacturers of flow meters, electronic instruments and logic controllers with networking. From India.

Fuzenba Corporation
Manufacturer of counters, timers, RPM/GPM meters, line speed meters, sensor and proximity sensor. From Taiwan.

Fylde Electronic Laboratories Ltd.
Manufacturer of modular signal conditioning systems (applications from the transducer to the sender). From UK.

Gauging Systems Inc.,
Manufacturers of liquid Level and mass tank gauging. hydrostatic tank gauge, leak detection, tank gauging software. Uses celluar technology to collect data from remote locations.

Gems Sensors
Manufactures fluid sensors. Over 45 years' applications experience.

Gener8 Inc.
Designers of custom instrumentation for high-tech industries. Also a provider of electrical, software, mechanical and optical design consulting services.

Manufactures pressure or temperature industrial measurement and control instruments.

Global Industrial Products, Inc.
Supplier of component instrumentation for power measurement and both mobile and stationary equipment. Products, about company and contact information.

Distributor of photoelectric sensors, photoelectric sensors, encoders, machine automation and vision systems.

Gram and Juhl
The DAM-system comprises intelligent vibration sensors and systems for machine condition monitoring and structural analysis.

Harris Instrument Corporation
Manufactures non-contact sensors for industrial process lines, and industrial resistance testers.

Hathaway Corporation
Designs, manufactures and sells advanced electronic instrumentation and systems to the worldwide power and process industries. (Nasdaq: HATH).

Designs and manufactures microwave moisture measurement systems for the concrete industry.

IFM Electronic ltd.
Manufacturers of position, proximity, temperature, pressure, flow, level and optical sensors and control systems for automation, networking, photoelectric, inductive and capacitive detection. From UK.

Indus Electronics Industry
India based manufacturer of electronic instruments for control, weighing, and energy monitoring for textiles mills and machinery manufacturers.

Infrared Detectors
Manufacturer of single and multiple element IR detectors; including linear and 2-D arrays, in both cooled and uncooled technologies. From UK.

Innovative Components
Manufacturer of liquid level control products including temperature sensors, float switches, level sensors, and tank level gauges.

Instrotech Australia
Manufactures signal conditioners and digital display units, transmitters for process, temperature, level and load cell applications. Range of digital panel meters is microcomputer-based. From Australia.

Intelligent Controls, Inc (INCON)
Develops, manufactures and sells electronic instrumentation and software to the petroleum and power utility industries.

Invensys Climate Controls Europe
Manufacture of commercial refrigeration, residential and light commercial HVAC markets.

Manufactures speed sensors and signal treatment systems for automotive, power/energy production, railways and marine use.

Jauntering International Corporation
Manufactures meteorological and hydrological monitoring systems including sensors and data acquisition systems. From Taiwan.

Jewell Instruments
Manufacture and distribution of panel meters, avionics components, inertial sensors, and precision solenoids.

JH Technology
Manufactures signal conditioners, industrial process transmitters, isolators and alarms.

Judson Technologies
Manufactures infrared detectors for telecommunications, aerospace, medical instruments, wireless internet, chemical detection and analysis.

Kam Controls Inc.
Automatic sampling systems and ultrasonic flow meters.

Kingsway Instruments
Sales, service, and calibration of instrumentation and test equipment, including multimeters and tachometers. Line card. Alberta, Canada.

Lectrotek Systems (P) Ltd.
Manufacture of industrial process control instruments and systems.

LightWorks, LLC
Produces non contact laser speed and length sensors for industrial applications.

Lloyds Research Foundation Inc.
Manufactures instruments for the printing manufacturing industries and cold-rolled steel manufacturing industries.

Los Gatos Research Inc.
Develops and markets new chemical and physical sensor systems for government, commercial and industrial applications.

LTH Electronics
Manufactures conductivity, solution concentration, pH, redox and dissolved oxygen instrumentation for industrial applications.

Matsushima Machinery Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Designs and manufactures acutators, level measurement instruments, conveyor safety switches, position sensors for factory automation in iron and steel, metal, cement mining and other industries.

Matteriels de Controle Industriel
Manufactures and distributes industrial controls, timers, temperature, thermostats, humidity, switches, lamps.

Measurement Resources
Develops, manufactures and distributes level, pressure, flow and density field mounted sensors, with associated monitors and systems.

Measurement Technology Northwest,
Manufacturer of engineered products and systems including thermal and biophysical test equipment, oceanographic and industrial winch instrumentation, belt scales and loadout control electronics and software.

Meriam Instrument
Manufacturer of instruments for the precise measurement of pressure, flow and level.

Metrix Electronics Ltd
Manufactures instruments for industrial measurement, control and data acquisition applications.

Michigan Scientific Corporation
Designers and manufacturers of instrumentation slip ring assemblies, load transducers, signal conditioning equipment, wireless telemetry systems, fiber-optic systems, and data acquisition electronics.

Manufacturers of temperature and pressure instruments for industrial, commercial and food service applications.

Mirae E&I Co., Ltd.
Manufactures signal converters, isolators, digital indicators, arresters.

Mission Peak Optics,
Manufacture of non-destructive thin film measurement systems.

Moore Industries International
Supplies interface instruments for process control and measurement, including signal conditioners, smart temperature transmitters, limit alarms, distributed I/O, pneumatic transmitters, AC power transducers and process displays.

MS Instrument Inc.
Provide sensors and transmitters for temperature, pressure, and level. From Korea.

MTS Systems Corporation
Manufactures position sensors, temperature and level plus tank gauging systems.

Provides thin film measurement equipment, application and knowledge support, ultra-compact and rugged thin film quality monitoring instruments designed for integrated metrology.

National Controls Corporation
Manufacturer of timing and sensing controls, temperature monitors, and time delay relays for a variety of applications.

Nicrom Electronic
Manufacturer of high voltage resistors, power and precision resistors, high voltage dividers, hybrid circuits, resistor networks, pressure and force sensors and load cells.

Nomadics, Inc.
Manufacturer of portable instrumentation, wireless products, and miniaturized electronics used to instrument industrial applications.

Manufactures position sensors, transducers and instrumentation for linear and rotary position measurement and control. Applications include automobiles, medical equipment and plastics manufacturing.

Ohmart International
Manufacture and worldwide sales of non-contact level measurement, density measurement, weight measurement process control equipment.

O'Keefe Controls Inc
Designs and manufactures precision control orifices, switches and sensors for temperature, flow and pressure applications.

Olympic Controls Inc
Manufacturers of process and energy control instruments such as, pressure calibrators, flow computers, totalizers, process controllers, energy computers, transmitters, and custom controls.

Otek Corp.
Process controllers, bar-graph instruments, digital panel meters, wireless and RF controls.

Oxigraf Inc.
Manufacturers of industrial oxygen safety monitors and process controllers, OEM oxygen sensors, transfill oxygen monitors, and oxygen analyzer equipment for medical and cardiopulmonary professionals.

Paper Machine Components, Inc
Manufactures and supplies components for precise and reliable measurement of pressure, level and vacuum on processes involving corrosive, viscous, clogging fluids.

PASI S.r.l.
Manufacturer of seismographs, water indicator level reels, and other geophysics related instruments and software. In Italian and English.

Pbj-industrial Electronics P. Ltd.
Manufactures instrumention and process controllers in India.

PR Electronics Inc.
Manufacturers a wide range of analogue and digital signal conditioning modules for industrial automation. San Diego, California, USA.

Precision Measurement Company
Manufactures miniature pressure transducers, extensometers, and miniature load cells.

PRIME Measurement Products, LLC
A manufacturer of flow, pressure and level measurement solutions for the process and bulk goods industries.

Princo Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer of precision instruments and controls including barometers, density monitors and level control for use in applications in chemical, petrochemical, food, medical, pharmaceutical, water and wastewater treatment, utility industries.

Process Instruments Inc.
Manufactures and supplies repair parts for Hagan Westinghouse product line including power positioners through to ring balance meters.

Process System Solutions Ltd
Manufacture hygienic diaphragm gauges and a range of temperature and pressure instrumentation for the processed food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

PSM Instrumentation Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of level pressure and density transmitters, measurement, monitoring and control equipment.

Provides digital and analog circuit design, printed circuit board layout and system design for instrumentation and control electronics.

Quantum Analytical Instruments Inc.
Manufacturer of instrumentation including sensors and isolated two-wire transmitters for pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity.

Rieker Instrument Co., Inc.
Specialize in manufacturing manual inclinometers, electronic inclinometers, accelerometers, and tilt indicators .

RKC Instrument Inc.
A manufacturer of multi loop and single loop temperature controllers, process controllers, indicators, control systems and level meters as well as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, level sensors, pressure transducers and recorders.

Rocoil Rogowski Coils Ltd.
Supply of transducers measuring electric current from less than an amp to several million amps. Describes the theory and applications of these devices.

Roland Electronic GmbH
Sensors and electronic systems for the sheet metal processing and tire industries.

Ruelco Companies, L.L.C.
Designs, manufactures, fabricates, installs and services process control instrumentation, safety systems, control panels and related elements.

Scalar Technologies
Manufactures a range of thin film measurement devices that measures thickness, or coat weight, as low as one millionth of a millimetre (0.001 grammes per square metre) in-line.

Scale-Tron Inc.
Batching systems and moisture measurement for concrete plants, weighing systems and load cells.

Scanivalve Corporation
Manufacturer of temperature and pressure measurement modules. Product specifications, application sheets and whitepapers, and list of customers.

Scientific Computing International
Provides thin film metrology systems, thin film design software, and material characterization tools to the semiconductor and optical coating industries.

Scientific Devices Pvt Ltd.
Manufacturers of level, pressure, flow and temperature measuring instruments used for chemical process, petrochemicals, powergeneration and cement industries. From India.

Scientific Technologies Inc.
Manufacture of transducers for all applications.

Sencera Company Ltd.
Manufacturer of shock, tilt, gas and humidity sensors from Taiwan.

Sensirion Inc.
Manufacturer smart sensor solutions for mass flow, differential pressure and humidity. From Switzerland.

Manufacturer of pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen sensors and electrodes for portable, laboratory, and industrial process applications.

Manufacturer of sensors and transducers for temperature, position, speed, pressure, flow and electric current measurement.

Manufactures signal conditioners, isolators, PLC I/O, and power supplies in terminal block packages. Product photos and specifications.

Manufacturers of measuring and analytical instruments as well as test stand equipment.

Senzors, Inc.
Manufacturer of pressure sensors, submersible level transducers and pressure transducers and transmitters. In English, German, and French.

SEREM - ZI du Parquet
Manufacturers of instruments for electrolysis industry, ammeter clamps and portable instruments. From France.

Shenyang HB Enterprise Company
Manufacturer of sensors and instrumentation including pressure sensor, temperature sensor and flow sensor.

Sherborne Schaevitz
Manufactures precision accelerometers and inclinometers for applications ranging from military, civil aviation, road, bridge and tunnel building, robotics and satellite communications.

Manufacturers humidity sensors and dust sensors for scientific measurement, air conditioning, residential and industrial use.

Showa Instrument Information
Manufacturer of industrial flowmeters, level meters and automatic control equipment, based in Tokyo, Japan. In English and Japanese.

Sick Optic
Manufacture of sensors that sort, count, inspect, measure, size and overall shape of objects, contrast sensors, luminescence sensors recognize fluorescent markings, labels, threads, lubricants and adhesives.

SIE Sensors
Manufacturers of a wide range of capacitive sensors. Many specialty sensors, including flexible, high temperature and analog capacitive sensors.

Sigrist Photometer Ag
Manufacturers process photometers for continuous monitoring of safety, purity, quality optimization and control of all process steps.

Silicon Designs, Inc.
Manufacturer of micro-machined capacitive accelerometers, sensors, systems for acceleration measurement.

SimPro Controls
Simple process control for the industrial controls market. No need for control engineering expertise.

Manufacturer of capacitive sensors for automation of level and product presents for agricultural and industrial purposes and climatic sensors are made for atmospheric measurements.

Skyl-Tech, Inc.
Manufacture pressure/vacuum feedthroughs, design type T thermocouples, and offer thermal validation consulting and custom fabrication services.

Smith Systems Inc.
Manufacturer of custom proximity, speed, Hall effect, motion, and temperature sensors and custom cabling.

SMT and Hybrid GmbH
Shock, climate, and turbidity measurement.

Società Anonima Milanese Apparecchi Radioelettrici
A supplier of equipment for electronic training for industrial and educational laboratories. Based in Italy.

SST Limited
Manufacturer of liquid level, pressure, and optical sensors, and proximity switches for aviation, medical, transport, commercial, industrial and marine applications.

Sterling Controls
Provides manufacturing automation through process controls, specialist weighing systems, bulk handling equipment, human-machine interface, material handling equipment.

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems Inc.
Manufacture of water level sensors, water quality sensors, soil moisture sensors, water flow measurement, and basic weather monitoring sensors.

Stotz USA
Designs, manufactures and sells pneumatic-electronic gauges and control devices.

Strain Measurement Devices
Manufacturer of fluid switches, load cells, force sensors and pressure transducers.

Stroud Instruments Ltd.
Provides solutions in measurement, control, display, instrumentation.

Sunsui Process Systems
Process control and measuring instrumentation.

Synectic Design Ltd.
Design and manufacture industrial process control and measurement instrumentation and systems. Products include amplifiers, batch controllers, portable load meters, data loggers, signal converters, and industrial displays.

Syscon Instruments
Manufactures leak detectors, load cells, pressure cells, LVDT, displacement transducers and torque transducers.

Systematic Controls Corporation
Manufacturer of industrial control instruments, ultrasonic level measurement and pressure measuring instruments.

Tateyama Electronics Corp.
Manufacturer of the wireless telemeter equipment.

The smart scanner has applications for on-line measurement of thickness/weight of plastic films, paper tapes, coated tapes.

Teddington Controls Ltd.
Manufacture of pressure, temperature, and flow rate control products, and electronic control systems.

Manufacturer of infrared gas sensors and CO2 monitors .

Produces electrical and mechanical instrumentation for pressure, temperature, level and flow.

Thomas Products Ltd.
Manufactures liquid level and flow sensors.

Tianrui Instrument Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of sensors base on eddy current measurements. Application areas include electrical power, metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, and aviation.

Tilt Measurement Limited
Maker of tilt transducers, inclinometers, clinometers and other angle transducers and systems.

Manufactures sensors for temperature, air humidity, air pressure, precipitation, wind velocity and direction, global radiation, density of light, and UV radiation.

Triple 5 Industries LLC
Manufacturer of portable, bench top and online acoustic leak detection systems used to find leaks in pressurized vessels including power boilers, recovery boilers and feedwater heaters.

Offers a range of sensing cables, digital central units and accessories that detect leaks.

T.W. MacKay & Son
Suppliers of industrial instrumentation and process control equipment in the province of british columbia. Suppliers of food processing and packaging machinery in the western canadian provinces of b. C, alberta, saskatchewan, and manitoba.

Vatell Corporation
Develops and produces heat flux sensors and transducers. Links to company background, products and services, newsletter and informative articles.

Versatile Products II
Manufacturer of custom eddy current probes (sensors) for automotive, fastener, aircraft and nuclear power.

Viassi, Inc
Manufacturer of spelizied intelligent sensors for seam detection and paper separation.

Visilab Real-Time Systems
Manufacturer of infrared moisture meters, optical instruments and electronic instrumentation for manufacturing processes.

Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company
Designs and manufactures heaters, sensors, controllers, software for process and thermal systems.

Weber Sensors
Industrial sensors include flow meter and switch, proximity sensor and switch, hot metal detector and laser barrier system for remote sensing. Captor Group of companies.

Weed Instrument
Manufactures RTDs, thermocouples, temperature and pressure transmitters, fiber optic modems, and Beacon tank temp. sensors. Member of the Concentric Group.

Weigel Messgeraete GmbH
Manufacturer of analog and digital panel meters, shunts, transducers and a range of digital meters. Based in Germany. Site describes products and lists worldwide representatives.

Weiss Instruments Inc.
Manufactures temperature and pressure measuring instrumentation for commercial and industrial applications.

Wieland Electric, Inc.
Manufactures interconnect products for electronic and industrial applications with subsidiaries and sales offices in many countries.

Manufactures pressure and temperature instrumentation, mechanical and electronic.

Wilkerson Instrument Co., Inc.
Manufacturers of signal conditioning and process control products for the process industries, system integrators, and original equipment manufacturers.

Winters Instruments
Manufacture of pressure and temperature gauges and transmitters. From Canada.

Wuxi Huajian Electronic Instrument Institute
Manufacture of industry automation meters and control systems for length and speed.

Xensor Integration
Manufactures application-specific micro sensors (flow, IR, Hall, micro calorimeters), micro structures and sensor signal conditioning electronics based on silicon and ceramic technologies.

Manufacturer of dewpoint hygrometers for the determination of trace moisture in gases and liquids. Product photos and specifications.

Supplies and develops miniature inertial motion sensors.

Yokogawa Corp. of America
A manufacturer of flowmeters, analyzers, transmitters, controllers, recorders, data acquisition, portable test instruments and meters. Includes online purchasing and distributors listing.

Yueqing Songxia Electric Meter Co.,Ltd
Manufacturers of kwh-meter in China.


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