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A1 Analytics
Providing consulting services and sales of associated technologies in consumer and business profiling, segmentation, and targeting.

Adhoc Solutions
Geomarketing services in Belgium

Altavision Geographics
Business Geographics services (custom maps, market analysis, and reports

AZ Direct
The regioSelect classification allows targeting of direct marketing or analysis and comparison of geographic areas across Germany.

Word of mouth marketing firm providing research, implementation and viral video syndication services.

Buzz Marketing Group
Providing online and offline lifestyle and buzz marketing services for brands seeking to attract teen audiences.

Offers software solution to identify who is influential within specific conversations taking place in social media so that firms can manage brands, reputations, products and customer relationships.

CACI Limited
Demographic and market information, target marketing, marketing databases and information systems for the United Kingdom and Europe.

An online US demographic reporting and mapping tool for business people in presentation-ready format.

Church of the Customer
Weblog about word of mouth, customer evangelism and citizen marketers.

Consodata supply one of the two large lifestyle databases in France. They also have operations in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Consumer Data
Lifestyle Database procurement, database management and Direct Marketing services in Central Europe.

Promotions marketing group providing event and special appearances. Rural lifestyle focus.

Customers on Fire
Weekly podcast covering viral marketing and social networking developments.

The Data Depot
Marketing and census demographic data sets for use in business applications such as customer profiling, database marketing, location planning, and territory planning.

DCD Marketing
Direct demographic and marketing services. Generates product exposure through a grass roots understanding of local and regional communities.

DecisionWhere, Inc
Demographic reports and maps for US site selection.

Demographics Now
Subscription service providing interactive demographic maps and reports for any level of geography in the U.S.

Digital Media Communications LTD
Viral video and buzz advertising firm based in London. Specializing in video syndication and tracking online viral video campaigns.

Digital Vector Maps
Editable layered PDF maps for overlaying business and marketing information including sales areas.

Empower Geographics
Provider of mapping software, demographics, lifestyle information, business demographics for targeted micromarketing.

ESRI Business Information Solutions
Demographic reports for anywhere in the USA. Create a trade area interactively and select reports of demographic and market information.

Eureka Facts
A marketing analysis firm that offers services based around with customer profiling, analysing market research, and other analysis of data associated with marketing.

Evox Facilities
Catalogue offering UK postcode files and business addresses.

Credit referencing and consumer targeting for the USA and other countries
Free access to US census data for defined geographic units or circles. Links to other sites for updated (paid for) data

GEO Solutions
Location Intelligence service provider and Mapinfo partner providing GIS software and data for Belgium.

Geodemographics Knowledge Base
An online directory of websites intended for people interested in geodemographics, geo-spatial analysis and demographic and geographic datasets.

Provider of US Census, demographic, and GIS data products for demographic research, marketing, and market research.

Georgia 2000 Information System
Produce demographic reports using multilayered interactive maps on demographic, income, business, household, spending, labor and education data for the southeast.

Geoscape provides market intelligence via information products, software and consulting services. This includes Census demographics and geodemographic datasets via an online data catalog

Get Relevant
An aggregator and distributor of on-line free samples, trials, memberships, and discounts over the Internet through a network of web site partners.

Gfk Regionalforschung
Micromarketing division of one of the world's largest market research organisations.

The Global Gazetteer
AllM marketing provide locational codings for most towns and cities in the world.

GMAP Consulting Limited
Provide market intelligence and decision support solutions to global retail organisations.

Godin Marketing
Database marketing solutions and market research,in USA, Canada and South Korea.

The Insight Out Group
Ethnographic research consultancy.

Insight out of Chaos
A direct marketing company covering loyalty programmes, frequent shopper marketing, database management,target marketing,customer relationship management and direct mail.

Institute national de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques
INSEE run, amongst other things, the French census. They provide data for the smallest local areas allowed by French data protection laws. They also run the company register, SIRENE giving information about numbers and categories of businesses across France.

Institute of Geographic Analysis
Association to promote geographic sciences and specifically geomarketing. Based in Paris, France.

Joint Industry Committee for the Regional Press - United Kingdom
Information on the readership and circulation areas of regional newspapers. The data section of the site gives basic demographics for any town/location in Great Britain.

Keenote Marketing
Market analysis, demographics, market segmentation, direct marketing and media selection services.

Larkspur Data Resources
Address lists. Databases of retirement, 401k, pensions, group benefits, and high net worth individuals.

Looking Glass
Consumer segmentation for the USA using a classification of households - Cohorts.

MarketPoint: Business Mapping
Uses Microsoft MapPoint technology to provide business mapping solutions, to meet the geomarketing, customer service and logistical needs of medium sized businesses in Europe.

Marketview Limited
Web-based Business Intelligence to allow customers to determine geographic and demographic information about their customer-base.

Grassroots marketing firm based in Pakistan. Provides creative design services as well as research and event management.

Media Networks. Inc.
Local Adverts in national magazines.

Business Mapping, Geomarketing and GIS activities. MicroGIS provides a Swiss Zipcodes mapping product and demographic data sets for postcodes and commune.

Pacific Micromarketing
Marketing research company specializing in Australian customer data, market information and targeting programs.

Passage Events and Promotions
Seattle based firm specialized in targeted product exposure for special events and field marketing programs.

Pathfinder Solutions
Pathfinder Solutions analyse customer and market information to help clients in Australia and New Zealand understand what customers are doing now, and to predict how they are likely to behave in the future.

PMD Advisory Services
Provider of market data and customized demographics especially for the senior living industry. Provides project feasability consulting, demographic data, mapping and GIS, and online searchable databases.

Pod Design
Pod is a digital brand laboratory providing broadband entertainment, viral marketing campaigns and branded games.

Postcodes Across Europe
A collection of information and links covering most questions about postcodes, addresses and marketing databases. Provides postcode formats and checking facilities together with links to associated sites.

Power Marketing, Inc.
Designs and successfully executes account specific programs. Activities include Trade marketing and customised category management.

Proactive Target Marketing: Rethinking Your Business Strategy
Article discussing the benefits of developing a targeted marketing strategy.

Research Demographics Inc.
Provider of United States 1990 and 2000 census data. Offers online search feature to quickly locate desired information.

Retail Locations Australia
Reports on population, housing, expenditure, retail competition and shopping centres for Australia.

Retail Locations UK
Retail Locations has a comprehensive database of multiple retail outlets in the United Kingdom.

Ricercar, Inc.
Provides geodemographic and geoeconomic decision-making information to direct, retail, internet and mass marketers.

Rubber Republic
London-based viral marketing agency providing creative, seeding and tracking services.

Statistics Finland
Statistics Finland provide a variety of local demographic information by either postcodes or municipality. For micromarketing services they can also provide ACORN Finland.

Statistics Sweden
Processes the countries population, housing and business registers to compile information which may be used for target marketing. [Swedish/English]

Sunflower Group
A promotional services firm that builds brand awareness through targeted product sampling and high impact promotional vehicles.

Target Marketing, Inc.
Offers target marketing, statistical and consulting services.

Target Marketing of Santa Barbara
Information on workshops, books, and consulting services.

Target Marketing USA
Database marketing and voicemail broadcasting for political candidates and campaigns.

Two Heads Media Consultancy
Two Heads specialise in sub-sector targeting and can facilitate delivery to small residential clusters of as little as 200 letterboxes for door to door delivery.

Upper Quadrant
Analytic-driven sales and marketing firm dedicated to helping companies identify, target, and acquire more of the right customers.

Viral & Buzz Marketing Association
An international group for the development, validation and promotion of consumer-oriented marketing trends and techniques.

Weiss Micromarketing Group
Offering target marketing services including customer segmentation, trade area analysis, database management and direct marketing.

Weblog about word of mouth marketing topics.

Covers the How, When, Where and Why of great Word-of-Mouth (WOM) marketing campaigns targeting the women's market.

Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)
US-based organization for the viral, buzz, and word of mouth marketing industry. Events, newsletters, blogs and knowledge about word of mouth.
Direct Marketing. Demographic searches throughout the U.S., by street ranges, zipcodes, or longitude and lattitude.

Research Paper - A Plague of Viruses: Biological, Computer and Marketing
Jeffrey Boase and Barry Wellman, authors. "We analyze the transfer of biological, computer and marketing viruses. Despite differences between these three types of viruses, network structure affects their spread in similar ways." [PDF] (September 21, 2001)    XML Feeds: