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Abundant Daylilies
Daylily nursery offering planting instructions and descriptions of the many different varieties.
Web outlet for Garfield Gardens in Minnesota, providing a wide variety of common daylilies as well as new introductions from Hagerstrom.

Aren't I Pretty Daylilies
South Carolina nursery presents a photo catalog of registered varieties, as well as a seedling gallery.

Art Gallery Gardens
Florida hybridizer, Ludlow Lambertson specializing in daylilies with near blue eyes and teeth on regular, spider, and unusual forms of all colors. Zone 9

Artemis Gardens
Sells a selection of daylily varieties, field grown and tested in British Columbia, Canada.

Ashwood Daylilies
Daylilies offered for sale from Ashwood Garden, many recent introductions from major hybridizers Includes Richard Norris seedlings. Zone 5

Barth Daylilies
Daylilies bred and grown in Maine. Designed to be hardy.

Bell's Daylily Garden
Daylily Garden of Tim & Linda Bell,Sycamore, GA. Offering new introductions and daylilies retail and wholesale. zone 8

Benrose Daylily Garden
Daylily catalog. Includes photos and descriptions of cultivars available.

Best Friends Daylily Corner
Daylilies for the garden. Many healthy, beautiful daylily plants available. Reevesville, SC's daylily garden.

Beulah's Daylily Garden
Owned and operated by Josie Buckner,Huntsville Alabama, Josie offers seed and newer daylilys. zone 7

Black's Daylily Patch
Selection of newer and older daylily varieties. Includes an image library.

Bloomingfields Farm Daylilies
Daylilies offered for all ten bloom seasons for the design conscious gardener. Also offers garlic for use in cooking.

Blue Hill Country Garden
Online catalog of daylilies bred in Maine. Photos and descriptions. Includes a planting guide.

Blue Ridge Daylilies
North Carolina grower offers introductions from various hybridizers.

Bluegrass Daylily Gardens
Family owned business located near Shelbyville,Kentucky. Grower of over 350 old and new daylilies. Zone 6

Bob Hale's Skyland Gardens
Daylily nursery offering 1150 varieties of hybrids on-site and by mail order. Price list, information about the display garden, notes about daylily culture.

Bob Scott Nursery
Sells a variety of plants including the "Topgun" daylilies.

Browns Ferry Gardens
Specializing in daylilies and the hybrids of Charles Douglas.

Canterbury Creek
Seller of plants and pond supplies in Ohio offers several hundred daylily hybrids for online sale. Catalog with photos of each variety.

Canyon Ridge Daylily Farm
Canadian mail order farm specializing in old and new daylily cultivars. Organic.

Carolina Daylilies
Tom Bruce, Lexinton S.C. offers daylily seed and displays his own hybridizing efforts. Zone 7

Casa Rocca Gardens
Sells spider and exotic daylilies, includes photos of introductions by hybridizers.

Castlebury Daylilies
Sells daylilies, also information regarding planting and growing daylilies.

Chatham Wholesale Daylily Growers
Sells daylilies suitable for mass plantings. Wholesale information available.

Chattanooga Daylilies
Sells hybrids, including varities cultivated by Lee and Jean Pickles.

Christie's Daylilies
Georgia hybridizers specializing in repeat bloomers. Galleries of introductions, seedlings, and the AHS display garden.

Clement Daylilies
Indiana Hybridizer's daylily introductions. Bret specializes in unusual forms. Zone 5

Country Lane Daylilies
Hybridizer selling a selection of registered daylilies.

Countryside Daylilies
Ottis Houston's introductions plus near 8,000 daylilies grown in 2 gallon pots. zone 9

Countryside Daylilies
Eddy Scott offers daylilies and a selection of gardening accessories.

Crintonic Gardens
Daylily hybridizer in Ohio focusing on selections suitable for USDA zone 5. Galleries of recent introductions, and information about ordering and visiting.

Crochet Daylily Garden
Southern Louisiana hybridizer with proprietary introductions and general catalog listings.

Cyberlily Gardens
Photos of plants and seedlings for sale, hybridized by owner.

Dardon's Hybrid Daylilies
Michigan grower of hybrid daylily varieties.

Daylilies in the Country
Sells proprietary and stocked daylilies. Garden tours available by appointment.

Daylily Dreams and Hosta Haven
Jeff and Susan Cox, Millsboro, DE. Supplier of fine hybrid daylilies, hosta, and iris. Zone 7

Daylily Garden Perennials
Sells daylily collections, available direct from the grower.

Daylily Meadows
Paul Foster & Brian McKinlay, Amherst, N.H. displaying seedlings and introductions and also offering informative articles on daylily cultivation.

Daylily Paradise
Online catalog of daylilies and small trees from southwestern Pennsylvania.

Daylily West
California specialty nursery offers a catalog with photos and descriptions. Online order form. Ships to US destinations, guarantees shipments to CA, NV, and AZ.

Daylily World
Family owned and operated grower selling daylilies.

Eclectic Gardens
Located in Hillsboro, Oregon. Specializes in daylilies that perform well in the Pacific Northwest.

Edith's Daylilies
Grown in Georgia, offers a selection of daylillies.

Endless Mountains Daylily Farm
Pennsylvania nursery offering several dozen varieties. Includes plant statistics and rankings by various characteristics.

Erikson's Daylily Gardens
Daylily introductions from Canadian hybridizers.

Finchville Daylily Gardens
Daylily farm in Kentucky offering over 400 daylily varieties. Information about the annual open garden event, photo galleries of plants and gardens, and online illustrated catalog.

Floyd Cove Nursery
Daylily nursery in Florida specializing in high-priced new introductions aimed at hybridizers and connoisseurs.

Frank Smith Daylilies
Hybridizer from Apopka Fla. specializes in full formed tetraploid daylilies with large ruffled edges. zone 9

Fusion Daylilies
Fusion Daylilies of Kathy Larson and Jon McCord, located in the center of Iowa (zone 4). Our hybridizing focuses on mixing old and new to produce daylilies that are winter-hardy.

The Garden on Cedar Hill Road
Home of Bob and Sharon Fitzpatrick. AHS display garden for Over 1000 different cultivars. Specializes in spider and unusual form daylilies. Zone 5

Gardens Plus
Specializing in hosta, daylilies, and ornamental grasses.

Gardens with a Northern Exposure
Specializes in daylilies and supplies for the professional and amateur hybridizer.

Gibson Daylily Gardens
Donna Gibson, Kentucky, Selling daylily seeds, plants, supplies, and hostas. zone 6

Gilbert H. Wild and Son
Missouri based grower with a selection of daylilies as well as peonies and iris.

Golden State Daylilies
Daylilies for sale in Fresno California USA

Good Daylilies
Family nursery in Tennessee offering a large variety, organized alphabetically with special sections for spiders and unusual forms.

Grace Gardens
Includes daylily photos, cultivation techniques, seed starting, transplanting information, and reference material.

Gulfhaven Gardens Daylily Nursery
Collection of daylily photos, as well as planting and care information.

Hardy Hems
Daylilies bred by and for gardens in harsh northern climates.

Haveman Daylilies
Sells daylilies. Includes photo gallery and cultivar list.

Heavenly Gardens
Jamie Gossard is an Ohio daylily hybridizer. He hybridizes for Unusual Form's in Diploids and Tetraploids. Zone 5.

Hemerocallis Montfort
Offers daylilies from established and newer cultivars.

Hickory Hill Gardens
Catalog of multiple cultivars. Hybridizer operating in Pennsylvania.

Hillside Daylilies
Dave Mussar, Guelph, Ontario, is a hobby daylily gardener. The late Brother Charles Reckamp cultivars are used in his hybridizing efforts.

Holly Hill Daylily Farm
Daylily introductions and a selection of garden art.

In The Grass Daylily Farm
Introductions and seedlings of Leon and Paula Payne. Specializing in Unusual Forms Pearland,Texas zone 9
Daylily and perennial grower. Offers advice and instruction on arrangements.

Isabel Hibbard Gardens
Hybridizes late blooming daylilies. Official AHS display garden.

John Bowers Daylilies
Offering a large number of Hemerocallis varieties to choose from.

Johnson Daylily Gardens
A grower specializing in award winning daylilies.

Kaskel Farms, Inc.
Daylilies hybridized in southern Florida, available by mailorder. Printable order form to mail or fax.

Bob Marshall and Betty Earl, Fort Mill, SC, offer introductions. Zone 7

Kemberly's Gardens
Kem Roberts, of Petal, Ms. specializes in Unusual Forms and spiders. Zone 8

Kennesaw Mountain Daylily Gardens
Nursery in Georgia presents photo galleries of recent introductions, an alphabetic list of cultivars, and photos of the gardens.

Kinnebrew Daylily Gardens
Daylily introductions from Florida based hybridizer.

Ladybug Daylilies
Introductions of Ra and Dan Hansen. Includes information on plant rust.

Ledgewood Gardens
Features daylily hybrids from Gunda Abajian in Florida. Overview of new introductions, seedling galleries, and general price list.

Lilies and Dollies
Specializing in doubles and large cultivars of daylilies.

The Lily Farm
Jack Carpenter and Jose Bomar of Center Texas specialize in hybridizing full formed round diploid and tetraploid daylilies.

Lowder's Farm & Nursery
Sells daylilies and persimmon trees.

Marietta Gardens
North Carolina based breeders and growers of daylilies.

Maryott's Daylily Garden
California grower specializing in modern style daylilies.

Midnight Gardens Daylilies
Daylily nursery and hybridizer in Oregon sells field-grown plants, including popular cultivars as well as new hybrids.

Moldovan Gardens
Tetraploid hybridizing pioneer, Steve Moldovan and Roy Woodhall of Avon,Ohio offer their latest daylily creations

Mountain View Daylily Nursery
Sells daylilies retail and wholesale.

Nature's Delights Daylily Garden
Growers and hybridizers in Michigan present and sell their introductions, featuring rebloomers from Stella d'Oro breeding and spiders.

North Country Daylilies
Located in Buskirk, N.Y., Melanie Mason, hybridizes and offers other daylilies. Zone 4

Oak Meadow Farm
Sells daylilies. Includes a description of the gardens.

Oakes Daylilies
Tennessee grower and supplier. Includes information about visiting the gardens.

Oxford Gardens
Robert Elliot, Durham, N.C. hybrididizes daylilies. He offers both diploids and tetraploids. Zone 7

Pinewood Gardens
Wisconsin nursery specializing in hardy northern tetraploid daylily hybrids. Overview of recent introductions with prices for individual selections and collections.

Possum Ridge Farm and Gardens
On-line Daylily Catalog from Possum Ridge Farm and Gardens in Kentucky

Premier Day Lilies
Sells a selection of fragrant and evergreen daylilies.

QB Daylily Gardens
Daylily display garden and sales operation based in Caledonia, New York.

Quail Valley Daylilies
Home grower in Georgia offers a small selection of their varieties for online sale.

Quarles Daylilies
Janet Quarles,of Waddy, KY offers more than 800 cultivars. Zone 6

R. Seawright
R. Seawright specializes in northern field-grown daylilies and potted hostas. Located in Carlisle, MA.

Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm
Offers new daylily inroductions and general selection. Lafayette, IN zone 5

Red Lane Gardens
Canadian mail order nursery growing hundreds of cultivars, both old and new with an emphasis on spiders and unusual forms. Ships only within Canada.

Ridaught Daylily Farm
Commercial daylily farm. Includes a photo gallery.

Riverbend Gardens
Sandy and Mike Holmes of Dayton Ohio offer new daylily introductions and display unusual form seedlings. Zone 5

Rollingwood Garden
Features the daylily introductions from hybridizers Jeff and Elizabeth Salter, besides offering a general range of hybrids. Based in Florida.

Roycroft Daylily Nursery
Container-grown daylily nursery and listed as an official American Hemerocallis Society National Display Garden.

Sassafras Garden & Farm
South Carolina nursery specializing in field-grown tetraploid hybrids. Text catalog, ordering instructions.

Seaside Daylily Farm
Provides organically grown daylilies.

Seaside Daylily Farm
Farm on Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) offering organically grown daylilies and gift items. Catalog organized by color.

Singing Oakes Garden
AHS display garden in South Carolina showcases its recent introductions, and offers a text catalog of other cultivars.

Smith Daylilies
Field grown daylillies from central Michigan.

Springwood Gardens
Karol Emmerich, Minnesota, offers dayliliy introductions. She specializes in full formed ruffled daylilies. Zone 4

Starlight Daylily Gardens
Specializes in designer daylilies.

Summer Field Farms Quality Daylilies
Kansas-based nursery providing daylillies, selected for extended bloom period.

Tennessee Daylilies
Tennessee farm that specializes in spider daylilies and unusual forms.

Thoroughbred Daylilies
Kentucky nursery featuring mail order and container plants and hybrids of John Rice. Zone 6

Thumper's Daylily Farm
Virginia farm specializing in a large variety of daylilies. Details plant care and includes image galleries.

Valley Of The Daylilies
Ohio hybridizers Dan and Jackie Bachman present their latest introductions, seedling galleries, as well as a range of low-priced cultivars.

Victorian Garden
Daylily nursery of Gerda Brooker in Cleveland, Ohio. New cultivars for the serious collector and other recent introductions. Zone 5

Ward Farms Daylilies
Family operated daylily nursery in central Illinois. Sells and trades daylilies, canna, and ornamental grasses.

Water Mill Gardens
Florida hybridizers Dan and Jane Trimmer present recent introductions, as well as a general catalog and a gallery of future introductions. Zone 9

Willow Brook Acres
Sells daylilies and provides information on how to plant and care for them.

Woodside Nursery
Mail-order nursery in New Jersey. Catalog arranged by color and type, with listings of new introductions.

Wright's Daylily Garden
Garden offers over 800 varieties outside Knoxville Tennessee. Zone 6.


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