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P: tatu928native Poems

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Post subject: P: tatu928native Poems Reply with quote

my mother won't accept [my sexuality] who i am, so i wrote this for her. she can suck my big toe Squint hope u all like it...

what is wrong with my decision?
mother why can't you just listen?
i sacrificed so much & i risked my deepest secret
but you turned away with so much shame,
and left me all this miserable pain
i regret, i regret,
telling you my secret.
mother i pray for this forgiveness,
but will i ever recieve this?
it hurts to look in your eyes,
inside i wanna cry.
i don't wanna care,
but you're my mother, the one who's always suppose to be there.
i know i went too far,
but i'm the one who's scarred.
why can't love just be love?
even with a girl...
what are you ashamed of?
i thought it was protection you were giving,
but i realized you were scared of people knowing.
if its too hard to accept, then yes i do regret
without second thoughts i will love who i want

Я сошла с ума
PostTue Nov 03, 2009 10:14 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote
That's a nice poem that I'm sure a lot of people will recognize themselves in. I'm sorry your mother doesn't accept your sexuality, but hopefully she will come to terms with it over time. She'll realise that you're still her daughter that she's loved all her life, and she'll want you to be happy, most likely. Smile
a.k.a. Sir Pish E. (*Mufflemuffle*)
PostWed Nov 04, 2009 2:00 pm
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Post subject: P: How Do You Know? Reply with quote
this is one my best friend wrote. and im positive everyone else can relate in some way. enjoy

How Do You Know?

How do you know that your love is the truth?

How do you know if it’s in the beginning of your youth?

Knowing that love just isn’t a game

Hoping that they do really feel the same

How do you know that they just aren’t lying?

How could you keep yourself from breaking down and crying?

In the end will there be something to gain

Or will there be nothing for you but heartbreak and pain

How do you know if they really love you?

Or is that the reason that they are down and blue

Am I pushing too far, am I crossing the line

Or is it that you left me in a memory that’s behind

Do you love me or her more, which do you want?

When she’s around is it okay that I’m not?

She said she’s in love with you, do you feel the same?

If I didn’t call for you would you still have came?

Something feels so wrong, so terribly wrong

Is it me that was mistaken all along?

You just have been playing around with my heart

I try to move on but I don’t really know where to start

If I cried would you be there,

How do I know that you truly do care?

If you love me then why do you push me away?

If you cared then why does it hurt this way?

You are torn and can’t make up your mind

These are the answers that I’m trying to find

Do I really want to know the truth behind your actions?

What if your love for me is just a fraction,

Of what I feel for you, What the hell am I suppose to do

How do I tell you the depth of my feelings

Without feeling that it’s my heart you’ll be stealing

My love, my love, in this entire world

I wanted you the most and that’s not a fib

Watch me as this blood of mine will drip.

Who else can help me escape this knot

Tell me; tell me that it’s me you forgot

Who knows what will happen next

I am so distraught ‘cause this situation is perplexed.

Why cant it be as it was before

What changed cannot be the same no more.

I love you and it makes me agitated

Day after day I wonder if I’ll make it.

Lost in this labyrinth full of dishonesty

Panic-stricken so bad I’m losing my memory.

What is it that matters the most?

It is just friendship then, I suppose

Nothing else seems to matter enough

For you to help me through a time so rough

Being by my side and holding my hand

Is what I want from you, do you understand?

So to say it to you, this is my confession

You are my fetish, my whole obsession.

You just seem to stay on my mind

With all of my thoughts, every single time

I will not hurt you, you know that right

Please just stay beside me don’t get out of my sight

I don’t want anything making you sad

I don’t want to see you feeling bad.

But how do I know you’ll be there when I need help

What if she’s with you and nobody else?

I’ll leave you alone because she don’t want me there

Then I’ll get lost by myself, going anywhere.

Maybe then I’ll feel a little peace within me

When I tell myself you don’t even want me.

The love I feel from you is really all flaunted

And all my dreams are with you, are just so haunted.

No regret, no remorse, just lost love or fading

Who would’ve known it’d be me, by myself, waiting.

When your in pain because of the close people in your life

How do you handle through the twisted strife.

Feeling alone like nobody cares, feeling left out

Like nobody’s there, no more hope just nothing but doubt.

Having people there when you want to just be alone

Hurting them just so you can be on your own.

For what purpose should they act like they care

When you really need someone, nobody’s there.

Losing all consiousness of this world around

People are talking but I hear no sound.

Lost in this world that has hurt me the most

Not really wanting any one to get way too close.

Darkness encloses my life with despair

Hating this love that is so very unfair.

Why are you putting on like you actually want me here

Don’t push me away if you really do want me near.

What is it that you want me to say, that I am alright, I am okay?

Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not gonna tell that lie

I’m just not gonna say anything don’t ask me why.

Me being alone gives me time to think

I wont go over the edge I’ll just stay at the brink.

To kill myself is such a comforting thought

But sadly I say I really am not

I don’t have the guts to end this cheap life of mine

The one that I am trying my hardest to leave behind.

Maybe you do care but certainly not enough

To take this pain away, nor all the bad stuff.

While you mess around with everyone else

I am sitting alone surrounded with the pain I’ve felt.

If it was brought by you im not gonna tell

My life is already a fucking living hell.

Just take me away, so fucking far away

Where its so beautiful I will have nothing more to say.
Я сошла с ума
PostWed Nov 04, 2009 4:23 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote
lovely! Thumb
Flying Bullets
Hit The Targets
Wings and Halos
Five to Seven
In This White Robe
Through The Darkness
Back To Heaven
PostFri Nov 06, 2009 9:50 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote
Please remember that all poems and songs for each writer should be under one thread

Thank you to Maraja for the banner and avatar

"There's love, there's hope ... for some. Hope that you'll find something worthy, that your life will lead you to some joy, that after everything ... you can still be surprised. Is that enough to live on?"
PostSun Jun 30, 2013 11:09 am
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