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Russian BRAVO: The comeback of long-lost Tatu [Sep 14]

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Post subject: Russian BRAVO: The comeback of long-lost Tatu [Sep 14] Reply with quote
I found the following transcript/translation of a new Russian BRAVO article [14.09.2005] on the forum of tatugirls.de here. The translation was made by katbeidar (Tatysite). The scans were previously posted by Kristya on tatu.us here.

Thank you very much! Thumb :)


The comeback of the long-lost Tatu.

While we and Anton the photographer walked slowly along the podium for sightseeing, a petit girl with short, blond hair ran by us a few times. We continued to wait patiently until we realized that this girl is Ė Yulia!.. And in a car near by Ė Lena.

Bravo: Hi. You really got us this time, we looked and didnít recognize you for 20 minutes.
Yulia: Yes, we were waiting for you. I like to change, but not gradually, but rather radically! Besides, itís almost my natural color, just a bit lighter. Isnít it awesome?

Yulia really does look good. A year after giving birth, she changed a lot and lost weight. Passers-by hardly recognize her as one of the Tatu girls. We get into the car with a driver, and go on a ride around Moscow. Iím on the front seat, Yulia and Lena are on the back seat.

Bravo: Why did you call the new English album "Dangerous & Moving"?
Yulia: The main theme of the album Ė a big mechanical machine, which does identical pointless actions. It symbolizes everything that is bad in a person. The sum it up, the whole album is about people that are not people anymore. Itís about people-machines. About people that canít love. All their feelings are mechanical.

The Russian version of the album is titled, "Lyudi Invalidi" [ďDisabled peopleĒ]. Disabled not in a way that they donít have arms and legs, but rather disabled emotionally.

Bravo: Donít you think that the title isnít very appealing?
Yulia: But we are not talking about a physical disability, but only about the moral disabilities - they all have crippled souls.

Bravo: Do you have the qualities that you are talking about?
Lena: Every person has some bad qualities. We are not angels. Itís just that some people fight them and donít let them loose, and some people ignore them and continue to live this life. These people are not human anymore.

Bravo: Tell me about the English album. Does it have harsh songs?
Yulia: You know, all the song on both the Russian and English albums are more psychological this time Ďround. The new album is more depressing, and differs significantly from the first one. Itís heavier and more serious Ė this is apparent through the music and the lyrics. Itís not at all Pop.
Lena: It doesnít include simple song like "you love me, but I donít love you" or "we are in love and to hell with everything", no. This is the sort of album that makes you think. I donít think that everyone will understand it.

Bravo: Did you record both albums simultaneously?
Yulia: Yes, Russian and English.

Bravo: Yulia, you have problems with the language. How did you sing, with a piece of paper?
Lena: She can speak and sing properly now!
Yulia: If I want, I speak (laughs). Of course, I speak properly now Ė we lived in the States for half a year, anybody would start speaking, besides I knew some basics already.

Bravo: What about the Russian lyrics, are they the same as the English ones?
Yulia: The overall meaning of the lyrics is the same, but some specific descriptions may vary. The English album is the ďlightĒ version, so to speak, the lyrics on it are simpler and more easily understood. The Russian album is heavier and harsher.

Bravo: Whatís the design of the album?
Lena: With yellow-black lines Ė itís a sign of danger in the States and Europe. In Russian I think itís white-black lines. It should also have our faces on it. Itís still in the works.

Bravo: The single "All About Us", despite the name, has very little information about you two.
Yulia: No, this song is about all of us. About whatís happening in the whole world, about people, about Lena and I.

Bravo: You handle weapons in the music video for this song. Do you have a license to do so?
Yulia: Yes. It was a real weapon. A person was especially brought into the filming studio to show me how to handle the gun, as to prevent anything bad from happening. This person lectured the filming staff for a long time.
Lena: In real life we donít carry weapons. We donít own any.

Bravo: Me neither. Whatís the Russian version of the song?
Lena: Itís not in the album at all. The album track lists differ, by the way.
Yulia: Some songs on the Russian album are not on the English album, and vice versa. There are about 3 to 4 different songs.

Bravo: Whose idea was it to make Yulia a prostitute in the video?
Lena: Sheís not a prostitute, but a slutty girl.
Yulia: No, Lena, in fact the idea is that Iím a prostitute. In the end everything turned out to be like in real life, because Lena is more serious than I am in real life. She wears suits with a pony tail. And I always look slutty. No, not a prostitute of course. Donít get any ideas! (Laughs). The video was shot in LA. James Cox directed, he suggested everything. When in comes down to it, ďAll about usĒ is an American song, it wonít do it for Russia.

Bravo: By the way, they censored the video in Germany!
Yulia: I donít think thatíll happen only in Germany. We especially made two versions of the video. One with violence, one without. I doubt the first version will get air play around the world.

Bravo: Yulia, once you said in an interview that you confess your sins. Is it true? Why do you need that?
Lena: I said that. I categorize myself as a religious person. Thatís why I go to church and, naturally, confess my sins.

We stop for a bite at a cafť on Tverskaya. Yulia and Lena go there almost every day. All the staff members know the girls. Thatís why they let us park in an exclusive spot Ė right in front of the cafe. Not a car near by. Yulia waves to the security guards, and they, smiling, lift the barrier. Once inside the cafť, we sit on the sofas on the second floor. Being very hungry, the girls order mushroom soups and sushi. Extra large portions.

Bravo: What is your relationship like now?
Yulia: Lena and I are very close friends, partners and sisters. My love each other et cetera. We are like relatives. We know each other for 10 years now! We trust each other completely. Without that there would be no relationship! We donít envy each other, we are family!

Bravo: Tell me about your personal life?
Yulia: Sometimes I live with my parents, sometimes on my own in my apartment. My daughter has two wonderful nannies, thatís why I donít worry or torment myself when I leave. But I always terribly miss her. Because everything happens without me! I come home, she can already crawl, then walk when holding hands, then talk. Itís unfortunate, of course. But I canít do anything about it Ė my career is very important, and I do it for her, too. But I always leave with a calm soul Ė the nannies are just very good, they are very close to our family. So I donít feel aggravated or worried when Iím not home. But I really donít have enough time. Here I am in Moscow Ė I constantly have meetings and interviews, I come home late, my daughter is tired, sheís bathed and put to bed.

Bravo: Vika is almost one year old, and you still havenít shown her to anyone.
Lena: Why do that? No need! There are too many jealous people around.
Yulia: Sheís still so small. When sheís older Ė Iíll show her!

Bravo: Do you feel like a mother?
Yulia: Of course! Because everything changes psychologically. You get a sense of responsibility and stop doing risky things. You start thinking about your baby, who needs you alive and well.

Bravo: Lena, who do you live with now?
Lena: It depends. Sometimes with my parents, sometimes with my boyfriend. Yulia and I really love our parents.
Yulia: Like when I come home to mom, I feel so infatuated, I love sleeping at home, everything is so dear to me
Lena: itís good to be under motherís wing!

Bravo: Yulia, why did you break up with Pasha, Vikaís father?
Yulia: At some point we realized that we are different people. Thatís why we broke up. We were together for 3 years, we had a baby, became a family, thatís why we are now friends and stay in touch by talking to each other over the phone.

Bravo: Do you stay in touch with Shapovalov?
Yulia: Yes, we see each other occasionally, phone each other. He is doing well. There are rumors that Vanya hit us, made us do things, you know, none of that is true. We always had a friendly relationship. Naturally we had some misunderstandings, but they were resolved quickly. We even broke up on good terms.

Bravo: What made you leave him?
Lena: At some point we realized that we had to leave him. Our interests were on different planes. Our roads parted. The past two years of our silence were a long, but necessary pause. We used to have such nervous break-downs, that we didnít want to do anything. We were really tired. Now we have done what we needed to do and came back with new strengths! Itís a new step for us. We control everything now. We have grown up and are now on a new level of development. And I think itís for the best!

Natasha Mostakova
ĒBravoĒ magazine ?37
14th Sept, 2005

Transcription: Zhorik and TatySite.net Team
Special thanks to Jam_One for photos of the article!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this! Thumb (And thanks to Rob for posting it on the German forum. Smile )


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Post subject: Reply with quote
Thanks, the read was awesome. I guess that answers the question of weather or not yulia was a prostitute in the video.
PostSun Sep 18, 2005 2:42 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote
It is good to be under mother's wing - indeed :nod:

It seems our girls have come far. Grown up. I'm glad they have almost complete control over what they want for their musical careers. Great interview, thank you Rob and Xena225!
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PostSun Sep 18, 2005 2:46 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote
WHOA Surprised/Shocked Surprised/Shocked .. that answerd so many questions.. exept one concerning "Yulia's girlfreind" .. but i kinda liked how this interview asked his questions they were straight up ..no beating around the bush, so to speak.. and its the responsiblity from the 2 has increase..and there in controll of there music career ... GREAT read :thumbsup:

Edit: \/ \/ \/ thanks for pointing out my typo

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Post subject: Hmm Reply with quote
yeah exactly P.S. i think you meen " Beating around the Bush "
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Post subject: Reply with quote
Anduril wrote:
WHOA Surprised/Shocked Surprised/Shocked .. that answerd so many questions.. exept one concerning "Yulia's girlfreind" .. but i kinda liked how this interview asked his questions they were straight up ..no beating around the bush, so to speak.. and its the responsiblity from the 2 has increase..and there in controll of there music career ... GREAT read :thumbsup:

Edit: \/ \/ \/ thanks for pointing out my typo

yeah answered many questions cept for that 1

thanks for posting Thumb

Lena Katina=hottest girl ever (or one of)

Yulia is a MILF!!
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