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Molotok: Here and There (Interview) [May 30]

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Post subject: Molotok: Here and There (Interview) [May 30] Reply with quote
Here's a translation (by Ev) of the Molotok interview from May 30.
A scan of the original article can be found on Tatu.ru, here: http://www.tatu.ru/img/tatu-bild.jpg

Here are pics from the Molotok website:

Source: MOLOTOK Magazine

And here's the translation of the interview, thank you very much to Ev (Tatu.ru forum) for this! Thumb Wave

Ev wrote:
Here and There

A record number of questions to t.A.T.u were send to zabey.ru web-site – 5486! 4672 of them were about Yulia Volkova and Vlad Topalov. After an exclusive photo session for live Magazine, special agent Jenya Agarkova took the t.A.T.u girls to Japanese restaurant. There she found out all of their secrets while eating sushi.

Don’t you tired from traveling all over the world? Lerchik, Moscow.

Yulia: The opposite is true! We enjoy to see the world.

What are you doing in Los Angeles? Loves_Peppres, Liubertzy.

Yulia: All our work is done there. Our rehearsal set is based there.

Lena: We have friends there. Not stars, ordinary people who lives in America.

In which countries you are as popular as in Russia? Or there are countries where you even more loved? Ania, Moscow

Lena: Anywhere there’s people who loves, and those who just don’t care. In South America we’re greeted very well. Argentina, Brazil, Mexico.

Yulia: And Russia – This is our home. So obviously, that here we loved not less than in any other place.

Yulia, how’s your baby? Lenochka, why don’t you have a baby like Yulia?

Yulia: My little one feels great; she’s already one year and eight months old. She walks, knocks, and fights with everyone.

Lena: If I’ll have a baby, no one will ever see me on the Tv-screen. I’ll sit with the baby all the time, and won’t give him to anyone else,

Yulia: Yes, Lena is a very serious person. Luckily, my parents and two babysitters are helping me.

Girls, what do you think about the “Star Factory” project? Would you participate it if you weren’t stars? Seraya, Ulanovka.

Lena: I wouldn’t go there for any cost, because people watch you there all the time. You feel like an animal in a zoo. Terrible! I love freedom very much. So the option of “Sit in the cage and obey” isn’t for me.

Yulia: Don’t tell me what to do, and I won’t tell you where to go.

Lena: Exactly. Beside this, it’s a good project, basically. To achieve something, to try yourself in new sphere – anyway, it’s better than sit in the backyard or on the stairs, smoking, drinking…

Yulia: And I would go. I think it’s cool. I look all kinds of examinations.

What is the special connection between you two that makes your friendship so strong? Mellisa, Sheffield (UK)

Yulia: The un-similarity makes our friendship strong. Lena is a romantic, calm person, and I am explosive and energetic.

Lena: We fill each other like two contrasts.

What should you do to make the entire world love you? Natasha, Moscow.

Yulia: To stay yourself. There are a lot of people who want to become famous and loved by all start to play roles, and stop to be ourselves.

Molotok: You know, many stay themselves, but the world don’t care about them, speaking gently.

Yulia: The life is a game, that’s why you have to stay real in it… A real player.

Lenochka, Yulechka, how do you manage to keep on such a great shape? Masha, Piter.

Lena: I don’t. I eat a lot, not limiting myself, not going to the gym at all and lie a lot on the couch.

Yulia: It’s going through the family. My mom and dad are small and thin, that’s why I’m so miniature. And I rarely do sports, from time to time.

What do you think about our (Russian) stage? Who’s closer to you, whose music you like?

Yulia: The level of the Russian show-business is very low. It’s not comparable with the America or the west.

Lena: The impression is that there are no professional artists in Russia. Because the same situation happens over and over again – someone gives money and says “This person has to be promoted”, and he got promoted. It doesn’t matter if he can sing, or not. Eventually the back-vocalist sings instead, or the artist just opens his mouth with playback. It’s different in the west. The tours are organized there, the shows are beautiful. People can work there. And just for a pretty face won’t be accepted there. You can’t become famous in America if you don’t have talent.

Molotok: And you always sing live?

Yulia: Now almost all the time. Sometime we perform on a TV show during the promo-tours, when we have to sing one song, there’s no equipment there – so we have to just open the mouth. Of course, it’s not fun at all. We sang will playback before because we had a lot of concerts, 25-28 in a month. If we had sang live, the voice won’t make it.

Lena: Besides, we had another program, with dancers. And now we made more serious album.

Why you write in your diaries on the official site so rarely? We (the fans) always keep waiting. Masha Andersen.

Lena: Oh, we love you so much, boys and girls. We just don’t have enough time. We’ll try to write more often! A few days ago I gave photos from the meeting with ex-classmates to a gallery!

Describe yourself in 3 words! Tina, Moscow

Yulia: Energetic, Positive and quick.

Lena (Laughing, correcting Yulia) more like megasuperenergetic.
An me – calm, home-lover and joyful, I love to laugh. By the way, the sushi here’s great, thank you!

Molotok: That was delicious!

I heard you plan to move to the USA. Is that true? If it is, than why? BettyArmstrong Muhosransk.

Lena: I don’t plan. Yulia had the idea.

Yulia: I had, now I’m not sure.

Yulia, I love you! What should I do now? Everv, Russia.

Yulia: I don’t even know… To love from distance ? I have loved person, so my heart is occupied.

Molotok: And finally, the question of the week: Yulia, is that man is Vlad Topalov?

Yulia (smiling tiredly): Well… Let’s say like this. I’ll advice with Vlad, and if he won’t mind, we will tell together to Molotok about our relationship. So stay tuned!

Translated, then deleted, then translated again by Ev.

PostMon Jun 05, 2006 4:19 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote
Thanks for posting xena! I'm not sure I agree with them when they say in the West it's not enough to have a pretty face... ahem, anyways. Always nice when they answer questions about fans, and oooh the whole Yulia+Vlad thing has got me laughing by now. Tongue Great photos!
a.k.a. Sir Pish E. (*Mufflemuffle*)
PostMon Jun 05, 2006 6:54 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote
Awesome pictures, and great interview, thanks for posting!

Lena (Laughing, correcting Yulia) more like megasuperenergetic.

:D lol

PostMon Jun 05, 2006 8:45 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote
Thank you Xena and Ev.


Yulia, I love you! What should I do now? Everv, Russia.

Yulia: I don’t even know… To love from distance ? I have loved person, so my heart is occupied.

woah! finally someone asked that most important question. Now we got answer from Yulia.
__/TTT\ __
L-O-----O--\ I drove with Volkova.
PostTue Jun 06, 2006 4:18 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote
Great interview and photos. Thanks!
PostTue Jun 06, 2006 2:30 pm
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