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t.A.T.u. FAQ - Please READ before asking questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Tatu
[FAQ last updated on December 29, 2007 by xena225]


Can I find the latest Tatu articles, interviews and reviews on the Tatu.us forum?
Yes. Just check the Tatu News section, it's updated regularly with the latest news and information. A good starting point is the thread "Articles & Interviews on the Tatu.us Forum ", here: http://www.tatu.us/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15859



Lena (Elena) Katina

Date of birth: October 4, 1984
Place of birth: Moscow
Parents: Inessa Katina and Sergey Katin
Brothers and sisters: Lena has a sister, Katya, and a brother.
Plays the piano. Studied psychology at the Moscow University.

Yulia Volkova

Date of birth: February 20, 1985
Place of birth: Moscow
Parents: Larissa Volkova and Oleg Volkov
Brothers and sisters: Yulia is an only child.
Plays the piano. On September 23, 2004, Yulia gave birth to her daughter Viktoria (or Vika for short). Her second child, a son, was born on December 27, 2007.

More biographical info, please see here:


Which is it: Taty, Tatu, or t.A.T.u. ? And what does it mean?
In Russian the name "Tatu" (Cyrillic letters: ???? / transliteration: Taty) means 'Ta [Lyubit] Tu'.
- This can be roughly translated as 'this girl loves that girl'.
- It's been said that when they made the English album, they ran into a problem because there already was a band named Tatu. So they put some dots in between, and there you have t.A.T.u.
- Some people say it's short for "tattoo", which in Russian is "tatyirovka".
- At one point, the name became associated with 'Teens against tobacco' use, but the girls/management have said this has nothing to do with their name. (Teens against tobacco use is --> T.A.T.U, so not t.A.T.u )

When asked for the meaning of the name, the girls used to say: this girl loves that girl.
Here's one example - (WWE Confidential, Lena Katina meets "Victoria", 2003):
Victoria: t.A.T.u. stands for what?
Lena: It's "ta" loves "tu" in Russian, so "ta" is "this girl", "tu" - "that girl", so "This girl loves that girl."


What is "Neposedy?
"Neposedy" is a famous Russian children's band. Both Lena and Yulia were members of this group when they were young children, in fact, "Neposedy" is where Lena and Yulia first met.


How many Tatu albums are there?

Tatu's first album is available in an English and a Russian version, "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" (2003) and "Dvesti Po Vstrechnoi" (2002).

Tatu released their second album in October 2005, there is an English and a Russian version, "Dangerous and Moving" and "Lyudi Invalidy".

The first international single from the second album was "All About Us". The first Russian single was "Lyudi Invalidy". The second international single was "Friend or Foe". The third one "Gomenasai". After the split with Universal/Interscope, there was only a limited release of "Loves Me Not".

International album cover:

Russian album cover:

There is also the album "Remixes" (2003).

September 2006 saw the worldwide release of "The Best of t.A.T.u." (CD plus DVD), featuring t.A.T.u.'s most famous and impressive songs, chronicling their career from 2002 to 2006. The bonus DVD (not included in the standard version) features exclusive video material (Making Of's, TV spots), a live club performance from Paris (2005), music videos and remix music videos.

More info here

Please also see here:

Like its predecessors, t.A.T.u.'s third studio album will be released in a Russian and an English version: "Upravleniye Otbrosami" (in Russia and CIS) and "Waste Management", both in 2008.

The first single is "Beliy Plashik", the video premiered on November 29 on MTV Russia.


Where to buy the Russian Tatu CD "Dvesti Po Vstrechnoi"?
Where to buy the Russian Tatu CD "Lyudi Invalidy"?

There are several places where you can order "Dvesti Po Vstrechnoi" online: Amazon.com, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, among others.

So far "Lyudi Invalidy" was released only in Russia and in a few select countries (Germany, for example). Outside of Russia, you can get the CD on (Click here -->) Amazon Germany for example. (The Russian cover is indeed different, Amazon.de does not show the correct photo). There are, of course, more online shops where you can get it, you can even try getting it on eBay.

The Taty.ru shop (on the Official Tatu website) also offers Russian CD's, please see here:

English versions
The English albums should be available in every CD/music shop. Of course you can also buy them in various online shops.

Please beware that there are a lot of fake/pirated Tatu/Taty CD's out there.
Use your own judgement or take a look at an authentic list of Tatu's albums.


What's on the "Screaming For More" DVD and where can I get it?
"Screaming For More" (2003) is the title of the first Tatu DVD. It's widely available, for example on Amazon. Amazon.co.uk --> Click here , Amazon.com --> Click here , and other shops as well.

The DVD features rehearsal & performance footage ("All the Things She Said" in the rain on the MTV European Video Awards Countdown show, and a "Not Gonna Get Us" rehearsal), Behind The Scenes (Parts 1 - 3) plus several videos (All The Things She Said and Not Gonna Get Us in Russian, in English, and as remixes, and 30 Minutes and How Soon Is Now), short interviews, and a photo gallery.

Are there more Tatu DVD's?

The concert DVD "TRUTH - t.A.T.u. live in St. Petersburg" was released in Japan in September 2007. More info on the new DVD on the Tatu.us forum, here: http://www.tatu.us/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17756


Is there an official Tatu website?
Yes, there is: http://www.tatu.ru/


Where can I find pictures?
On this forum, of course. Smile Check out these threads as a starting point:
New Tatu Photos
New Tatu photos [archived]
Tatu Photos II
This is for the Yulia groupies!!! (sorry Lena)
This is for the Lena groupies!!! (sorry Yulia)

Other great sites are:
The Official Tatu website --> http://www.tatu.ru/en/photo.html?id=186



Where can I download videos?
You can download video clips on the Official Tatu website:

--> Videoclips: http://www.tatu.ru/en/video.html
--> Movies: http://www.tatu.ru/en/kino.html
--> Various perfomances / interviews: http://www.tatu.ru/en/other.html

You can also find various videos of classic and recent performances, interviews, etc. in the Tatu News section, or in the Tatu Video section of the Tatu.us forum.

Please also read the announcements in our Video and Music sections.


Are these Tatu songs?
No, these are not Tatu songs.

- Kto Esli Ne Ya (Tema)
- Pochemu (UK83)
- Zavedi (Maxi M)
- Bylo i Proshlo (Russkiy Razmer)
- Imperfect girl (an American group also called Tatu)
- Ya ne glotayu, or Nichya, sung by Lena Kiper, Tatu's ex-producer (Group "Nichya")
[Please note that there is a song called "Nichya" by Tatu as well, it's not to be confused with Lena Kiper's song.]
- I do not swallow


Where can I find Tatu tabs and chords?

Please check this forum thread as a starting point:
t.A.T.u Tabs (guitar, drums etc.)

External link: http://www.music4u.ru/tatu-chords.htm


Where can I find Tatu lyrics?
A great source for lyrics (Russian and English) can be found here:
There's also a Lyrics section on the Official website, here:
And last but not least:

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