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Russian BRAVO: Dirty Job / Interview [Nov 8, 2008]

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Post subject: Russian BRAVO: Dirty Job / Interview [Nov 8, 2008] Reply with quote
This was posted on Blog.Tatu.ru, thank you very much for scans and translation!


[BRAVO Magazine Russia, November, 8, 2008

Specially for Bravo t.A.T.u. girls talked about their new album, about being careful with record labels and about warm relations with t.A.T.u. fans.

Bravo: We're interested in why you decided to change the album title from "Upravleniye Otbrosami" to "Veseliye ulibki" the very last minute?
Yulia: Well...many people asked us, "Girls, why do you have such a depressing mood in your albums?" Ludi Invalidy, Upravleniye Otbrosami... give us something positive". So we've joked ironically and changed the title. Don't want depression? OK, then smile! We've made CD box with "Vesyolie Ulybki" name, but inside there is a CD with the symbol UO -"Upravlenie Otbrosami"

Bravo: And how did you come up with such a title?
Yulia: We were recording in America and once we saw a beautiful field. It was clean and green, and there was a big stone saying "Waste Management".
Lena: This is a combination of things that can't be combined. Green field and such a name.
Yulia: But the essence not even in this point. The concept of VU continued the album "Ludi Invalidy". We are not saying though that everything around us is waste. First of all there's enough of waste in us, humans".

Bravo: What were the most difficult things you encountered while working on the album?
Lena: For the first time we've released the album without label's assistance. Therefore it was necessary to "build" the whole releasing process - from production to distribution. We did everything ourselves, from start to finish.
Yulia: And, by the way, I was pregnant while recording the album.

Bravo: Why such a distrust to label?
Yulia: Sometimes it's not easy to do things with them.
Lena: They like to participate in things, in which the artist must be free. For example, in creative processes.
Yulia: It's easier to be independent - we know what we want, we know what our ideas are and how to implement them. A label can say: "No, girls, do not do this - this is nonsense!" What?! This is our ideas, we want to work them out. So now we are independent artists. Let's see, what will happen next.

Bravo: Girls, why don't you write the lyrics to your music yourselves?
Lena: We've never done that.

Yulia: I still do not reach the point when I feel it's right to write songs for myself.
Lena: By the way, the album has a song "Belyi Plaschik" which has lyrics written by our fan. Actually, it's so cool, when fans write good poetry, and artists use them.

Bravo: And why don't you collaborate with other artists? Is this your decision or simply you do not have right candidates?
Yulia: Why should we do this? Most of artists sing with other artists. What's the point? Especially here in Moscow. Send paycheck to Nelly Furtado, and she'll sing with you. It's easy. This is not surprising. It's a whole different story when artists are close and while communicating, they come up with a sincere decision: "Let's record something together?" - "Ok". This is good.

Bravo: When you have just released the album "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane ", your fans were regularly sleeping in front of your doors. Has the situation changed?
Yulia: That's all the same, but just less crazy. We have our "gang" (laughs), which comes to us - they know our cell phone numbers. And our fans are communicating with each other!
Lena: When foreign fans come to Moscow, Russian fans meet them, show the, around etc... Foreign fans are not alone here [in Russia].

Bravo: Do you remember your craziest fans?
Yulia: Once there was a girl who came to Moscow from Makhachkala [it's very very far from Moscow - blog.tatu.ru]. I was coming home to my place - and outside is rainy, dark, fall. I'm entering my house and hear, "Yulia ..." I'm seeing this girl. I asked her: "What are you doing here? It's 2 AM". She said that she'd travelled from Dagestan to Moscow for 2 days to see me. She had no money, she decided to live in front of my house. It lasted one week. I couldn't let a stranger to come in. But all this time I spent time with her, talked, tried to understand her motives. It turns out that she just fell in love with me, left her boyfriend and came to see me to Moscow. I was smoking and throwing cigarette butts, and she collected them in her bag. I took them away from her - I couldn't believe she was doing it! Later, she wrote a song about this story and even found a way to bring us with a gig to Makhachkala.
Lena: Remember you had some bloody signs on your wall near the front door?
Yulia: Oh yes .. One girl cut her hand and wrote with her blood on the wall: "I love you, I'll die without you".

Bravo: Your neighbors are, probably, in shock from such guests?
Yulia: Well, yeah .. They were saying: "You must clean the wall." Fans write it with their love, but my neighbors were swearing... Our neighbors are very jealous of my story - they constantly try to humiliate me or my mother.

Bravo: Let's not talk about this mean people anymore. For a subject change - what holidays do you like and how do you celebrate them?

Lena: It depends. By the way, I don't recognize these Halloween celebration.

Yulia: Depends on my mood. I remember we've partied like crazy - yoo-hoo! It's different now. You want to spend your time in quite places with people you love. But every now and then we go out. I had one friend who - in certain state of mind already - would turn on "Korol & Shut" [Russian alternative rock band, really heavy - blog.tatu.ru] at 8 AM, would get up on a table and start screaming, "AAAAA!!! I'M GONNA LIVE!!!"

Source: http://blog.tatu.ru/Media/2008/12/09/1228828620000.html

Please go to the address above to find a hi-res scan of the images.
PostWed Dec 10, 2008 11:27 am
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lol! mad funny, can you imagine waking up like that! lol Hmmm laugh

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PostWed Dec 10, 2008 10:33 pm
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I get the feeling Yulia would be really fun to party with. Grin
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PostWed Dec 10, 2008 11:04 pm
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ahahaha. Yulia would really make a good and fun guest in a party :P
I love t.A.T.u.!
They're the best duo ever!

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Don't forget to leave something on the guestbook! Smile

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PostWed Apr 01, 2009 9:56 pm
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