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About a month ago, a group of friends found out that tatu was rumored to have postponed their Germany tour to attend the MTV movie awards. The optimist believes that under every rumor there is some truth, so we decide to pursue this truth. Nerve wracking days past by as we conducted strenuous researching on the web hopefully waiting for any sign of an official confirmation. Nunzilla raise the bar a notch by spending a grip of $$$ on long-distance calls to MTV and Interscope Records. Nevertheless, the constant run-arounds and tentative news continued to grate on the nerves. This was only one of many obstacles, each with its condition malleable at a drop of a dime (a.k.a. - anything can happen at any moment).

And the planning began...

05.09.03 – k1n3t1k books 1700+ mile flight and hotel room. Nunzilla books 28 hour greyhound bus ride.

05.13.03 – Extra reports exclusive news, which reveals that t.A.T.u. will be performing alongside 50 cent and Pink @ the 2003 MTV Movie Awards.

05.14.03 - Group made decision not to buy balcony seat tickets in order to stake out the red carpet instead.

05.16.03 - Another decision to have a fan meet-up regardless of tATu's still not 100% appearance in the states.

05.24.03 - Calling up every swanky hotel about possible tATu, Ivan, etc. reservations.

05.28.03 - Unexpectedly, Carson Daly's radio show announces tATu's JoJo In-Studio interview the next day.

05.29.03 – Thursday

1:00PM – Ogag arrives at KIIS FM studio after 3 hour drive to LA. Bored.

3:00PM – YRX arrives.

5:00PM – Zashy arrives.

6:00PM - Local forumees have subway for dinner.

6:30PM – KIIS FM building operates on after-hour procedures. We were barred from entering.

6:50PM – Ogag and YRX consistently called to KIIS FM's public hotline.

7:15PM - Even though security guard didn't allow us in, YRX and Zashy chat it up with him.

7:45PM – Ogag finally gets through and talks to JoJo about either going up to the interview or being arranged to meet them afterwards..

7:50PM – Zashy, YRX, and Ogag who were by this time elated, rejoiced.

8:49PM – tATu's A black Lincoln Continental vehicle pulls up and parks to let them out.

8:50PM - Security guard stops them at the glass door and asks them to wait while he confirms their appointment.

8:50PM – tATu concedes to Alerg's plea in Russian to Yulia for photos and autographs with their fans.

8:55PM – tATu enters building and takes elevator to KIIS FM studio to do their interview.

9:00PM - Everyone is crowded around YRX's car trying to listen to tATu's interview on the radio.

9:40PM - Forumees hear that it's the end of the interview and all made a mad dash to the steps leading to the doors.

9:45PM – tATu exits, walking pass us while talking amongst them. Everyone follows.

9:48PM – Lena and Yulia enter the vehicle and leave.

05.30.03 Friday

8:00AM – Get our lazy bums out of bed.

11:00AM – Barnes&Noble and Best Buy runs for some tATu magazines and albums. Ogag buys more digital camera memory for tATu picture storage.

12:30PM – Kinkos craze! tATu fans hold up printer line to print pictures of Yulia and Lena.

2:13PM – Arrived to Shrine Auditorium. Objectives were to figure out how to get bleacher seats and when/where would tATu be arriving for rehearsals. Talked to many MTV staff and security, but kept on getting sent back and forth.

3:30PM – Mission still continues. Got to sit on the bleachers for a while at the MTV Movie Awards set. Even were directed to walk on the infamous “red carpet” to get to some person we supposedly should talk to for information.

5:14PM – tATu giant black van pulls in pass the gate into the MTV check in area near an entrance to the stage.

5:50PM – tATu dancers and extras sign in.

6:19PM – Pink drove away with her boyfriend in a silver Mercedes Benz.

6:30PM – Ivan Shapovalov drives up to the gate in his black Mercedes, but gets stopped by security and was asked to park in the parking structure instead. Got to say hi to him while he was talking to the guard.

9:01PM – tATu van darts out of the gate and speeds off onto the road, making a left turn.

9:15PM – Ivan walks out from the main gate to his car, all the while talking to some guy.

10:00PM – After being thirsty, hungry, and cold, the forumees gather at Denny’s for some food.

05.31.03 Saturday

8:00AM – Get our lazy and exhausted bums out of bed again.

11:00AM – Arrival at the Shrine Auditorium yet again. Still no luck with the fan bleachers by the “red carpet.”

1:30PM – The perimeter is secured by LAPD, and the roads were blocked off as well.

3:20PM – Got tickets to the movie awards.

4:00PM – Got wristbands to sit in the bleachers for the pre-show.

5:00PM – Settled down on the bleachers, and being coordinated by the host to cheer on cue.

5:30PM – We meet the band Troy/Sven/Roman and got some autographs.

6:18PM – tATu walks rather quickly on “red carpet,” waves to some fans, and enters the shrine.

7:00PM – MTV 2003 Movie Awards show begins.

9:07PM – Amanda Bynes and Hilary Duff present the closing performers.

9:09PM – tATu performs ATTSS and NGGU with 150 back-up dancers and extras. (Yulia & Lena kicked major ass of course)

9:15PM – tATu fans exit the auditorium since they saw what they came to see.

11:30PM – Forumees kickin’ it at the hotel, discussing the weekend, some pizza, some vodka…

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